My Joyful life

Welcome to my first blogpost! After some thought and deliberation, I have created this blog to share with others the things that bring me joy in my life. What better way to kickoff my new blog than write my first blog about the most recent things in my life that have made me a Joyful Girl.

My biggest joy in life to date began in February 2010 when I met Kelly, who mentioned that I should meet her roommate Jake.  Kelly was adement that I not only meet Jake, but that he would be perfect for me. I had expressed some initial hesitation and turned down several invite to go bowling or an evening of drinks and board games.

Finally, on May 8, 2010, I accepted an offer to go to Kelly and Jake’s home for a game of scrabble and some drinks. I remember showing up in prime fashion wearing sweatpants. As I walked through the door, it took some restraint to keep my jaw from dropping when I first saw Jake. He was GORGEOUS. After gaining my compsoure, Jake causally mentioned that he was pretty good at Scrabble and that I had a challenge in front of me. I was confident enough to tell him I was pretty good myself and as luck would have it, I won the game. At the end of the evening, I gave Jake my cell phone number so we could play “Words with Friends,” a Scrabble-like game for the iPhone. That was all it took — the seed of our eventual relationship had been planted.

A scant three weeks later, having spent nearly all of our time together, Jake stopped me outside of his house and said, “Would you be my girlfriend?” I course said “Yes” — to which Jake replied, “Okay, I’ll think about it.”

Jake and I enjoyed a fun and romantic summer together in which we traveled together to Sioux City, Minneapolis and Florida. During that summer it was obvious to both of us that we were becoming one another’s best friend and that our love was undeniable.

Fast forward to November 8th when Jake asked me if I wanted to play a game of scrabble. Little did I know that once I opened up that game board, he had glued the letter pieces to the board and asked those four words that I couldn’t believe I was reading “Will you marry me”? Jake always laughs at me and reminds me that I just kept saying over and over, “Are you serious”?, “Are you really proposing tome”? He then got down on one knee and told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and of course I couldn’t say anything other than “YES”!!!!

On May 14, 2011, Jake and I shared our vows in front in front of God, our immediate family and close friends in a private ceremony at Faith Lutheran Church. I could not have asked for a better day shared with all those people close to me and ones that Jake and I are very blessed to have in our lives. Marrying Jake has been by far the biggest Joy I have ever experienced.

My second joy is having my two wonderful cats, Dietrich and Klaus enter my life. As some may know, I am allergic to cats and was extremely hesitant when I found out that Jake had Dietrich. I was always comfortable around him and once Jake and I started talking about the possibility of being married, it was the plan for Dietrich to move in with me first to see if my body could get acclimated to him. Thankfully, my body became immune to him and I feel in love.

Jake and I always talked about adopting a kitten from the Animal Rescue League once we were married. Sure enough, two  days after we came back from our honeymoon, that is exactly what we did. Klaus came into our lives and having a new husband and two cats could not make me happier.

Soon after Jake I were engaged and started planning  the wedding, honeymoon, etc, we began talking about getting tattoos as “wedding gifts” for one another. I had always wanted a DMB music lyric on my ribcage , however chickened out and went with my second want of my maiden name on my wrist. Jake had a Paul Soupiset masterpiece tattooed on his right forearm.

I am very excited for this new stage in my life and beginning to share my life with you!

What things in life have recently brought you joy?


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