Summer Reading

One of the many things I fell in love with my husband for is his passion for reading. I had long ago written off the idea of finding a partner who had such a passion for reading as I did. But alas, Jake does exist and I was lucky enough to have married him.

Now I have always been an advocate for checking out books from the library and never felt the need to go out and purchase them; until I met Jake that is. He loves going to Half Price Bookstore and ordering from to see what new and old books he can find.   As Jake and I planned our wedding, the idea of our book-themed wedding could not have come any easier to us. Jake and I enjoyed countless hours scouring bookshelves at bookstores and thrift stores, seeking out the perfect old books for our centerpieces. (I promise photographs to come when we get them back)! As we began searching for books, Jake got an itch for book collecting. My interest wasn’t quite piqued until I read Booked to Die by John Dunning, a fictional series based on the unique trade. We (read Jake) have now started our mini collection of books that are first editions that happen to be worth a little bit of money. My favorite one so far is a first edition of The Notebook signed by Nicholas Sparks. We all know and love the movie, but the book… priceless. But focus. Books.

I try to read every day, usually before I go to bed. Some nights I am successful, other nights, not so much. This summer I have been able to spend some significant time reading and would love to share those with you.

When planning our honeymoon to Cancun, Jake and I spent a considerable amount of time debating what books would be on our lists of reading. (If any of you  know my husband, this is a huge undertaking).

My list was much easier to decide.

On the plane ride to Mexico, Jake started and finished Sum Forty tales of the Afterlife. Knowing that my husband has pretty good taste in books, I decided to add this one to my ‘must read’ while laying out on the beach. And boy, am I glad I did. I was absolutely blown away. Speechless actually. Sum is written by David Eagleman, who is actually a neuroscientist who also happens to be a New York Times Best Seller author. In this book, Mr. Eagleman wrote forty short stories about what life is like after we die. This is just one of those books that makes me ponder how someone can dream up these scenarios and actually put them into stories that make sense. In one of the short stories, Mr. Eagleman suggests that after we die, we become characters in other people’s dreams. In another story he suggests that we relive all of the time we spent doing those mundane things such as exercising, driving our car, washing our hair and cooking food.

Tweak This book has been on my list for over a year now. I finally decided to order it specifically to read on our honeymoon. Nic Sheff is a young adult who has been struggling with his methamphetamine addiction since his early teens. I have always been fascinated with meth and the lifestyle it imposes. This book took a total of two days as I couldn’t put it down.

The Man Who Loved Books Too Much This book is a true story about a detective and his career spent on capturing Charles Gilkey, a book thief. This book gave first hand  information from Mr. Gilkey himself on how he stole rare books from collectors. This book kept me turning page after page wondering if Mr. Gilkey was ever going to get caught.

Before we left for our honeymoon, I had started reading The Book Thief. I admit that I had a hard time getting in to the story at first, so made the decision not to bring it with me. When we returned, I picked it back up and and became oddly engrossed in the story. The book thief happens to be a little girl who navigates her life in the in the World War II era when she enters foster care.  I personally love when I begin reading a book and unsure of it, and then it ends up being one of my favorite reads. I finished this book feeling great sadness and wondering how there was so much hatred in this world.

My most recent finish was The Help. WOW.  My friend Kelly read it several months ago and LOVED it. I picked up a copy a week ago and already done. I couldn’t put it down. This book is based on black maids in the south during the 60’s. This read was filled with so many emotions ranging from anger, sadness, hope, frustration mixed in with a little bit of happiness.  I will say that I am a little nervous to go see the movie, as most movies based on books just don’t do them justice.  Case in point: Twilight. But I know that I will go and will be keeping my fingers crossed the whole time.

Last night I started reading Beautiful Boy, which happens to be written by the father of Nic Sheff, the main character in Tweak. I am excited see a different side of a person’s addiction and how it affected their family.

* The photograph at the top is taken from Shakespeare and Company in Paris, across from Norte Dame. I fell in love with this photograph months ago when searching online for book themed weddings.


One thought on “Summer Reading

  1. I love your blog, and you have inspired me to get back to fun reading again….plan on going
    to buysome books for my collection almost done reading Bridges of Madison county again.
    and eating healty..I must say your cupboard is filled with alot of pasta and carbs?!

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