Christmas in July

Friday night is here. Thank God. After 6 a.m. P90x plyometrics, taking Klaus in to get declawed, Dietrich to get shots, and a veerrrryyyyyy long day of catching up on paperwork, emails and phone calls, I was ready for my Friday date night with Jake.

But what to do for date night? Well, a couple of weeks ago I was browsing  and came across a post about one of my all time favorite video games…

And I had to have it.

I looked on eBay. I searched Craigslist. I even asked a friend if I could buy her husband’s old console. But I didn’t make the purchase. Until tonight.

Christmas has come early. My present, shrink wrapped and all. And what is a Super Nintendo without the two best games?

All I can say is that I loved remembering what secret passageway you could go in to get the secret key and what box to hit to get the vine to grow. And of course what tracks on Super Mario Kart got you the fastest times and which ones had shortcuts to whiz past your opponent.  It became very addicting, very quickly.

Jake and I have already had our first Super Mario Kart match and it was very close. I have a feeling we will be challenging each other often in the weeks to come.

What games did you love as a child that you would love to play again as an adult?


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