Woody’s Smoke Shack

Well, it is once again time to part ways with my husband. Tomorrow he will be embarking on his week long youth group trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota. I, on the other hand, will be leaving him today for a little “girl’s weekend” in St. Paul, MN. It has been exactly two months since I have seen my bestie, Michelle, and it is about time we get together to catch up.  My other bestie, Kelly, will also be joining us. I cannot tell you how excited I am to take this little road trip and enjoy a girl’s only weekend!

Before heading out of town, Jake and I enjoyed one last meal together. We have this great little Entertainment Book and I love leafing through it to see if there are any new places we haven’t checked out. Today I picked Woody’s Smoke Shack in the Drake Neighborhood.

And what an excellant choice. 🙂 Woody’s is rather small, but has a good vibe running throughout. They do offer some bar seating and a couple of tables inside, but more expansive space in their patio. Jake and I opted to stay out of the heat and eat inside.

When you walk in, you walk to the back of the room and are greeted by Woody himself. (He’s hiding in the red hat) Your choices of menu items are written out for you on a chalkboard on the back wall. It is pretty simple and well,  simplicity is what I like.

After ordering two pulled pork sandwichs, two sides of coleslaw and two sodas, we sat down. Jake noticed a stand with slices of cornbread and went to get us some. This cornbread dripping with honey was delicious. Not too dry and not too sweet, perfect in my book.

We didn’t have to wait long until our food arrived and we were ready to dig in. Woody’s offer’s their signature BBQ sauce and for me, it was right on the money. After dousing my pulled pork with the sauce, I was ready to dig in. YUMMY! The bun was clearly fresh with it’s soft texture, but strong enough to hold the heaps of pork on it.  And the coleslaw was a fabulous mixture of flavors.

I have to say that Jake and I were very pleased with this restaurant and it will certainly be on our list of favorites.

Time to head out, have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

Are there any new restaurants you have tried and knew you would be going back?


2 thoughts on “Woody’s Smoke Shack

    • Here are my thoughts on this question. I like Jethro’s for the idea of going and having a couple of adult beverages, meal and watching sports. I have been a little disappointed the past couple of times with the quality of the meat. To me, there seems to be a lot of fat and grizzle in my sandwichs which is rather disappointing. Woody’s is great for a quiet, quick meal and not having to interact with anyone other than the person you came with. The pulled pork was perfect. Flavor was on par, juicy and I could eat all of it.

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