Girl’s Weekend

What a weekend! This weekend Kelly and I headed up north to St. Paul, MN  where we spent a weekend with my best friend Michelle, whom I’ve known since our sophomore year in high school.

Kelly and I were on the road early Friday afternoon and looking forward to what we thought would be an easy 4 hour drive to the twin cities. About three hours in to our trip, we were hit with a HUGE thunderstorm. When I say HUGE, I mean enough to have cars stop and pull over on the side of the interstate. After 20 minutes of waiting the storm out, we got back on the road only to encounter this:

A 2 mile stretch of road construction created a good 20 mile pile up of stand-still traffic where we inched about 1 mph over an hour period of time.  What should have been a nice road trip done under 4 hours, turned in to one that took about 5 1/2 hours. But nonetheless, we made it.

The first night was spent eating some of Michelle’s grandmother’s recipe for homemade stuffed shell’s, garlic bread and toast. Mouthwatering, delicious, stuffed shells. I was SO hungry, I  unfortunately  ate all of my food and spaced off taking pictures. But be rest assured this dish will be on the menu when Jake returns in a week with recipe included.

Later that evening my friend Kelly’s stomach pain from the previous day had returned and was getting worse coupled with a fever. After a call to ask-a-nurse and a trip to Urgent Care, we spent some time at the St. John’s emergency room. What was a very loooong night, ended 6 hours later with Kelly being diagnosed with a gastroenteritis and sent home with some good meds to help her deal with the ongoing pain and nausea.

After a 3 am bedtime and sleeping in, Saturday morning we enjoyed a super lazy morning that was full of good girl talk. Around 1 pm we decided to get moving and headed to perhaps my FAVORITE store ever! 🙂

Michelle, Kelly, and I all went in with our lists in hand and surely came out with more than what we planned for. For those of you who have never been to Ikea, let me give you a little visual tour. When you first walk in to the store, you are directed upstairs where you encounter dozens of showrooms that showcase their items in kitchens, living rooms, bathroom and bedrooms. These rooms allow you to take measurements, sit on the beds, couches, chairs, etc and allow you to get some creative ideas for your own home. If you see an item you like, you are to write down where that item can be found in their warehouse. Once through the staging section, you are taken downstairs where you can pick up your items.

Three hours later, we were on our way out and I was very pleased with my purchases. I walked away with the following:

  • a wooden step stool for our kitchen so I can reach our absurdly high cabinets
  • a plastic kitchen storage set
  • 2 plastic cutting boards
  • three white plant pots that match my ceramic white owls that Jake gave me as a wedding gift. (They also happen to be the same white owls seen in the Big Brother house)
  • 3 bamboo plants
  • a glass vase for said bamboo plants
  • 2 sleeves of their Singoalla cookies. (They had jars around the store filled with these cookies and man, these free samples totally worked on getting me to purchase some)
  • My best purchase was 2 gorgeous orchid flowers that were $1 a piece. They were in the final clearance section and had only one bloom on them. I am fairly confident that after living in my home they will continue to bloom and looking gorgeous.

After Ikea, the girls and I headed to Michelle’s favorite mexican restaurant, El Loro.

I have to say that I was very pleased with my burrito ruleta which consisted of grilled chicken, green peppers and onions rolled in a flour tortilla and smothered in their queso sauce. It was served with a side of pico de gallo (my favorite) and mexican rice. That, paired with a nice cold beer on tap, was the perfect meal to end to our shopping day.

Back home we played a fun game of Phase 10 and then Super Mario Party on Wii. I will say that I was having some Super Mario World withdrawals, but Mario Party did the trick.

Sunday morning started early and after a stop at Brueger’s bagels, Kelly and I were on the road at 9 am. It was a super fun girl’s weekend, but it feels super good to be back home with my two boys, Klaus and Dietrich.

Are there any trips that you have taken that have started off on the wrong foot, but ended up being perfect?


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