Who Knew?

There are some days where I find out a new piece of information and silently say to myself “who knew?”

Last week I was checking my Twitter app on my phone (as I randomly do about 10 times a day) and saw this tweet posted from Eat This, Not That:

4 = number of days you can keep cooked leftovers in the fridge before they go bad!

Did you know this? Because I sure didn’t. I am a HUGE advocate for leftovers as it was a weekly occurrence in my house growing up. But I always believed that leftovers were good for up to at least a week. After that it was decided by smell and taste. I promptly re-tweeted this post so that my fellow followers would have the same information I just learned in case they missed this message somewhere along the way. 

Stay tuned for more “Who Knew?” posts to come….


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