My Three Joys

As I was thinking about what fun things to add to Joyful Girl, my husband  suggested that I start to write a weekly post about my three joys of that week.  I couldn’t help but smile and think, “What a fabulous idea”!

I present to you my first edition of My Three Joys.

Number One:

I recently put my money where my mouth has been the past three years and started the application process for the Masters of Science in Teaching program at Drake University. One of the admissions requirements is to pass the math, reading and writing Praxis I test. Now, I am not worried about the reading and writing sections, however I am a wee bit nervous for the math test.  I can say confidently say that I have not worked on any math problems since I took the GRE test about 6 years ago. And even back then had a mini heart attack as to how much math I had to learn. After scheduling my test for mid-September, I promptly ordered the Praxis practice book began to study.

I worked on the first practice math test and my suspicions were confirmed, I am TERRIBLE at math. I thankfully have my best friend, Michelle (You may remember her from this post). She offered her tutoring services to me to help me shore up some of those math concepts I am not skilled in. This past week I have been sending her emails with the math problems I am stumped on and after working through the problems herself, she calls me for a tutoring session. I am not sure where I would be without Michelle’s help and am very thankful for not only her ability to tutor me, but the overall joy she has brought to my life for the past 12+ years I have known her.  With her help, I am confident I will ace this test!

Number Two:

This week has been crazy hectic at work trying to get all of my cases together and transferring them to different caseworkers. Amid my crazy week, I received an email from Janet, mother to three beautiful little girls I used to babysit in Colorado. For a little background history, I met this family roughly seven years ago while Kendall and Addie were just a few months old.  Their older sister Mackenzie was in my Mother’s Day Out classroom and took a liking to me. Janet asked if I would start to babysit the girls when they went out for the night and eventually for several overnight trips.  For the five years that I lived in Denver, I would spend countless hours at their home having fun with my three girls. I have been fortunate to keep in contact with them even after moving back to Iowa.

When Jake proposed to me last November, I knew immediately that I wanted these girls to be in our wedding. With them living in Denver and it being at the end of the school year I wasn’t sure if it would be possible, but Janet gladly agreed to have the girls come to Iowa and be in our wedding. I have included a video shot of all three girls performing a song that they made for Jake and I.

This week Janet sent me an email sharing a little bit about their summer, but to also tell me that Kendall sat down and wrote me a letter that she sent off in the mail.  This email immediately brought a huge smile to my face and warmed my heart knowing that I am very blessed to have a such a wonderful, amazing family in my life.

Number Three:

For those of you who don’t know, I am allergic to cats. Prior to marrying Jake I was hesitant about his cat, Dietrich and how we would both be able to coexist in a house together.  Prior to Jake and I moving in together, Dietrich came to live with me to test the waters of my allergies. The first couple of weeks was fairly rough, but over time my body became immune to him. I grew up having cats and was very happy to know that I could once again have a pet. Jake and I had talked about rescuing a kitten from the Animal Rescue League and the day after our return from our honeymoon we did just that. Klaus was a small little 2 pound ball of energy and fur that I couldn’t help but love.

These past two months, Klaus has become pretty close with me and began sleeping with me every night. Now, when I say sleeping with me, it is more like sleeping on me. He has gotten into this habit of pushing his nose into the crook of my neck and plopping himself down there to sleep. There have been countless nights where I wake up to him curled up in a little ball on my neck. The other thing that I cannot help but laugh at is how every morning for the past two weeks, Klaus has gotten into this routine of following me into the bathroom when I shower and jumping on the edge of the bathtub to poke his head around the shower curtain. There have been a couple of times that he gets so entranced in the flow of water that he jumps in the tub to lick the water. Having him in our home has given me such great joy and very thankful for him.

What things have brought you Joy this week? 


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