Super Saturday

Happy Saturday!

Today started off with a 7:30 am wake up despite my want to sleep in longer. I am not sure about you, but I often times find myself waking up earlier on those days when I don’t have to be up for anything. Well, since I was up, I got my P90x workout done for the day. Since I didn’t work out yesterday, I decided to do yesterday’s plyometrics workout instead of today’s back and bicep workout.

After working out I was able to relax a little and work on our upcoming week’s menu and grocery list. I realized that Jake and rarely make meals using hamburger meat, so I decided to focus this week’s meals around hamburger meat. Be sure to keep checking back to see what I have planned!

Last night Jake and I attended my friend Sally’s wedding in Iowa City. At dinner, we got to talking to the couple sitting next to us and heard about a new hot dog restaurant that just opened up in downtown Des Moines. Capitol Pub and Hot Dog Company has only been open a couple of weeks and Jake and I were intrigued. We promptly agreed that we would have to check this place out the following day.

Capital Pub and Hot Dog Company is located in a remodeled house at the corner of Raccoon and 6th St in an industrial area just south of the East Village.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Nick, who we later found out was one of the owners. He was super friendly and stopped by our table a couple of times offering up any answers to questions and even some recommendations if we wanted.

CPHDC offers a wide variety of speciality hot dogs from a basic “naked” hot dog to their “heart attack” which is a a bacon wrapped dog, fried and then topped with cream cheese. As good as this sounded, I wasn’t quite ready to take that challenge. All the hot dogs are beef and SO big it is hard to think anyone finishing a whole one. All of the dogs are served on super fresh steamed buns.

Jake and I are suckers for cheese curds and ordered a basket along with our usual two sides of ranch. These cheese curds are your typical pub affair, but were still delightful.

After viewing the menu, Jake went with the “Mad Dog” which is described as a dog “rolled in crushed red peppers, slathered in nuclear sauce, topped with jalapenos, and cream cheese”.

Jake’s comments were that it was “spicy and delicious”. Jake went on to say that this was his first time having a “specialty” hot dog, so it was a weird experience, but a good one.

I had the “Chicago Dog” which is a dog with “yellow mustard, yellow onions, diced tomato, sweet relish, sports peppers, pickle and celery salt”.  It was HUGE. As soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be a struggle to get through even half of it. I sure gave it my best try though.

This dog was super messy, but the flavors were perfect. I LOVED this dog!

The pub also offers a variety appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. All of the meals are reasonably priced and won’t take a huge chunk out of your wallet. The hot dogs are served al a carte and I would have been beyond full just with the hot dog alone.

Our server was super friendly and you can tell that the staff genuinely cares about your experience dining with them.  Jake and I were very pleased with our meal and have already discussed coming back in the very near future to give their other dogs a try.

I highly recommend checking this place out. Having grown up in a family owned restaurant, I love supporting local places and am super excited to have a new one in the area. CPHDC  has a nice patio on the side of the house and I am super excited for the weather to be just a little bit cooler so that Jake and I can sit outside, sipping on a nice cold beer and enjoying some more delicious dogs.

After lunch, I had a Crafternoon party to attend, leaving Jake to his own devices. ( I later found out he watched a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasum in my absence).

Up until last month, I had never heard of Crafternoon and was now attending my second one. My friend Abbey and her friend Amanda decided to put together their own version of crafternoon sessions. The brief history I know on crafternoons is that a woman in New York  brought together some friends one afternoon to make crafts and it took off from there. She wrote a book, and now across the country women are coming together with one another to make crafts.

Last month was Abbey and Amanda’s kick off and we made super cute silk flowers that we could put on a headband, bobby pin, or hair clip.

Today’s project was making scrabble tile pendants.

The tables were all ready…

Scrabble tiles and super cute paper to choose from was laid out….

Drinks and snacks provided….

Friends gathered around…

Pendants waiting to dry and be worn…

I have to say that Abbey and Amanda are wonderful hosts. They have everything prepared and even test out the craft prior to us arriving so that they can give us tips on what will and won’t work. These scrabble tile pendants were very easy to make and I am already thinking of upcoming Christmas presents for others.

Jake picked me up from crafternoon and we were off to do our grocery shopping. We came home and were able to get in an hour of snooze time. Oh how I love naps.

Jake and I were both pretty tired and wanted a super easy dinner that didn’t require a lot of prep or cook time.

Tonights dinner, Juicy Lucy’s. Super easy. Super delish.


  • Hamburger meat
  • Cheese of your liking
  • salt
  • pepper

Using 85/15 hamburger meat, flatten out two patties for each burger. In the center add your toppings. Jake had pepper jack cheese with jalapenos. I chose cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Placing the second patty on top, pinch the sides together, securing the ingredients on the inside. Feel free to get creative and add any cheese and other yummy ingredients in the middle. I dusted with salt and cracked pepper and they were off to the grill.

The hamburgers took about 5 -7 minutes on the grill and were oozing with cheese. Add your favorite toppings and pair with a side.

In a resolution to not do any “sweet-treat” baking this week, Jake and I splurged on Golden Oreo cookies at the grocery store today. Jake put together a little vanilla ice cream-golden oreo cookie dish.

It was a wonderful Saturday and I am looking forward to curling up with Jake and catching up on this weeks So You Think You Can Dance. FYI: My favorite, Melanie,  is still in the running and is said to have a HUGE chance at winning this season!!!!

What do your Super Saturday’s look like? 


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