Newest Obsession

The other night Jake and I had the following conversation:

Jake: “Okay, here’s the deal”.

Me: “Should I be scared”?

Jake: “No”.

Me: “Good. Okay… what, then”?

Jake: “What if I trained for a half-marathon in October”?

Me: “I totally think you should do it”.

Jake: “Sweet. I’m going to start training tomorrow”.

Me: “Wow. Okay, awesome”.

He tweeted about it shortly after.  And then again. Keep in mind Jake hasn’t worked out in over year. 🙂

His final decision is to start training for a 5k then build up to a half-marathon and then possibly the Dam to Dam marathon next June.

I was super excited for Jake and this new obsession adventure.  Then I started thinking… I am finishing up my second round of P90x and haven’t been sure as to what my next exercise challenge should be. P90x2 (totally worth watching the video… I already feel like crying) doesn’t come out until the fall and I need something for the in between. In my mind, the logical answer would be to start running as well.

Now I have done some limited running on a treadmill in the past, but never have done it outside. I am not a runner. I have asthma. My body is not strong enough… all of the excuses I have given myself in the past. But this week, that all changed.

Last night for our Friday Night Date Night, Jake and I set out to pick up some necessary swag attire for our newest obsession.

Running shoes…Check

Running shorts… Check

Running tank… Check

Arm band for iphone… Check

Running Program…. Check

FitnessKeeper screenshot


Five days in and I am already loving it. Jake found a running training schedule to follow and so far, so good. I am excited for us to continue on this journey and build up my endurance to running longer distances.

What exercise adventures have you challenged yourself to?


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