My Three Joys

Whew, what a fabulous day. Jake and I just got back from 5 1/2 hours at the Iowa State Fair and it was perfect. My belly is so full though, it is about to explode. There were way too many good foods to try and well Jake and I just couldn’t pass them up. Don’t worry, I took a ton of pictures to share, but you will have to wait for another day or so…

Reflecting back on this week and trying to pick out my top three joys has been a comforting feeling. I have had many moments throughout the week that continued to give me confidence that leaving my job at the Department of Human Services was the right decision for me to make. But there were also moments in this week that brought smiles to my face and let me know that there is a lot of joy in this life.

Number One:

Being without stress. Now, I know this may seem cheesy to some, but let me tell you, for the past three years I have living in what felt like a continuous stress-mess. I don’t have stress at home, I don’t have stress with personal relationships, but when it came to work, it centered around stress. It seemed as though I wasn’t functioning at my job if stress levels weren’t high. My first week at YESS has been nothing but amazing. The work environment is so different than DHS and going into a work environment where everyone likes there job (or at least doesn’t complain about it every 5 minutes) is so refreshing. The people are wonderful to work with and I fit in well. A previous coworker of mine who left DHS over a year ago made a comment that it would feel as though a weight was lifted off my shoulder and she was exactly right.

Number Two:

Okay, this may be a little too much TMI (too much information) for some, but heck, it brought me joy this week, so why not. I have always had issues with shaving my underarms as it would leave red bumps and at times leave them super sore. A little over a month ago I decided to try getting them waxed to see if that would alleviate some of the annoyance and pain I was having after shaving. Let me tell you this was life changing. I went back for my second waxing Friday and I will never look back. The first time I had the waxing done, it hurt, but so worth not having to shave for a month after. The hair grew back less coarse with a lot less of it. This second waxing didn’t hurt as much and I found out from my esthetician that once you wax your hair, it starts to grow back in the same direction. I don’t think I will ever shave my armpits again. 🙂

Number Three: 

Cool summer weather. Up until the last week or so Iowa’s weather has been out of control hot. The daily temperature for awhile there was upper 90’s with a humidity level making the heat feel as though it was between 100 and 110. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Iowa weather and I love the heat, but when you walk outside and your glasses fog up because it is so humid and your clothes stick to you as though you just got out of the shower and didn’t dry off, is just unnecessary. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to exercise outside, have all the windows open at home and being able to sleep with a nice cool breeze coming in at night.

What things brought you joy this week?   


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