My Three Joys… Wedding Edition

In lieu of My Three Joys, which I usually bring on Sundays, I decided to share the biggest joy of my life thus far.

Our wedding photographs are here! Long story short: Jake had an ongoing man crush on our photographer, Joshua Longbrake for the past several years. When discussing what we wanted our wedding to look and feel like, both agreed we wanted unique photographs that would capture us in true form. Taking a long shot, we sent Joshua an email asking him if he would be available to shoot our wedding and — amazingly — he was. Flying from Seattle to spend May 14, 2011 with us, Joshua was super easy to get along with and took some pretty fantastic photographs.

We received our photographs the other day and could not be happier! They turned out exactly how we hoped they would and have brought joy to us all over again as we have gone through all of them and relive the best day of our lives!

There were SO many photographs to choose from, it was hard narrowing them down. I picked some of my favorites to share. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “My Three Joys… Wedding Edition

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