My Three Joys- St. Paul Edition

Happy Sunday!!! Once again, I had a wonderful week, but an even better weekend.  On Friday, Jake and I drove to St. Paul, Minnesota to help my best friend Michelle celebrate her 30th birthday. (It’s about time she joined the club.) 🙂 Not only did Jake and I have a wonderful weekend spending time with my favorite married couple, but we were able to see old and new friends and have some time to ourselves. There were so many things in this weekend that brought me joy and I cannot wait to share three of them!

Number One:

So ever since Jake made a copycat sauce of Raising Cane’s special sauce, it has been a topic of discussion in the Bouma household. Friday night I was finally able to have my first taste of “the best” (as my husband would say) sauce and fried chicken. Walking in to the place I immediately liked the vibe. Very clean, low key and the aroma of fried chicken was abundant.  Jake explained to me that the ordering is simple… you have four choices to choose from.

I decided on the 3 finger dinner.The meal came with three chicken finger pieces, wavy fries (my favorite) and a slice of perhaps the most delicious buttery texas toast my lips have ever tasted. Oh, and of course a side of their sauce.

Don’t worry, Jake ordered five extra.

I have to admit, the chicken was phenomenal. It had a very clean flavor to it and I could see why it beat out KFC and Popeye’s in Jake’s rankings.

Now, according to Jake and his best friend Shawn, the sauce is where it is at. I have to say, I agree. Jake went through four sauce cups, dipping everything in to it, including the bread.

The flavors that stuck out the most for me in the sauce was cracked black pepper and a hint of sweetness.  My guess, Dorothy Lynch salad dressing. Pretty dang tasty.

Jake was in 7th heaven after this meal.

Number Two:

This weekend was not only fabulous because I was able to spend it with my favorite married couple, but also because I was able to see my friend Jayna, her husband John AND Michelle’s college friends whom I have become friends with over the years.

Before everyone got together to celebrate Michelle’s birthday, Friday night six of us were able to play a fun and new-to-me card game, Five Crowns. Being able to spend some down time with old friends was a blast. I cherish these moments when we are all able to come together as we live in three different states.

Saturday morning Michelle, Jayna and I geared up for our morning walk/run. Michelle has the most beautiful trail behind her house and it was a perfect morning to go out.

Later that evening, Michelle’s friends from college came from far and near and we headed to downtown Minneapolis to have a wonderful dinner at Zelo.

Jake and I shared the local tomato bruschetta and the Pesto Crusted Sea Bass entree with white and wasabi mashed potatoes, crispy fried onions and Thai chili beurre blanc. This was a mouth watering, savory dish.

After dinner, drinks and a lot of laughs, we headed back to the Michelle’s to have a slice of homemade carrot cake (recipe to come soon) and play some games. The game of the evening was The game of things. Have any of you heard of it?!? All I can tell you is that you will not be able to catch your breath with how much laughing you will be doing!

Number Three:

Every day I get to wake up feeling so blessed to have Jake in my life. Being able to spend one on one time with him, just makes life that much better. Jake is coming up on his most crazy-insane time of year at work and having this last weekend away together was wonderful.

Prior to departing, Jake purchased the audio version of Born to Run. AMAZING. Jake finished the book over a week ago and was dying to have me read it. We were able to get halfway through it and I cannot wait to finish it.  Friday night Jake and I hit up the Medford outlet stores and let loose with purchasing some new running gear for him and some new work clothes for me. After shopping our little hearts out, we headed to Raising Cane’s before heading to see Michelle and Andy.

Saturday Jake and I were able to head to one of my favorite stores, Ikea. This was Jake’s first time visiting the store and it was a blast being able to show him why I love that place so much.

Before we headed out of town on Sunday, Michelle took us to Costco to compare it to our membership at Sam’s Club. I have to say I was very impressed and that Jake and I plan to switch in the upcoming weeks.

And of course, not only do I love Jake for all the big reasons, but also the small ones, including the times he thinks he is so funny taking pictures of me as I am passed out in the car after such a fun-filled weekend.

This weekend was just another reminder of how much joy I have in my life and what a wonderful husband and friends I have!

What things did you do this weekend that brought you joy?


6 thoughts on “My Three Joys- St. Paul Edition

    • Thanks Jayna. I had way too much fun and wish we all lived closer to one another. I am already thinking about the next couples weekend…. Des Moines?

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