My Three Joys – St. Louis Edition

Road Trip! I’m not sure about you, but I love road trips. I love getting the car all packed with luggage, a pillow, a blanket, and goodies. It is a fun feeling being away for a few days and experiencing new things. It truly gives me joy to see world around me, and there is no better time for a road trip then in the fall when you get to see all the gorgeous trees changing colors.  This three-day weekend was no exception.

But before I tell you about my joyful weekend, I have two winners to announce in Joyful Girl’s first giveaway. The winners are:

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Thursday night Jake and I packed up his car and headed down South. Perhaps one of the best things about road trips with Jake is that we both love to listen to audiobooks. Our book this trip was Night Circus. Jake heard about this book a month ago and has been dying to read it.  We were able to finish it on the trip and… WOW. This book transports you back in time with its magical and mysterious stories.  If you are looking for a good book that makes you wonder and take delight in the seemingly impossible, then look no further.

Coming away from this trip there are SO many things I could write about that brought me joy. I have narrowed it down to just my three joys.

Number One:

This trip was planned back in May when Jake and I were planning our summer. Between our wedding, honeymoon, Jake being in Africa for two weeks and then in South Dakota for another, it made our travel plans a little limited. We were also scheduling around the Chicago Cubs playing the Cardinals and well, this weekend was the only one that worked. Jake is an avid Cubs fan and has been to several games and he was like a kid in a candy store taking me to my first Cubs game.

When my brother and I were little, my mother took us to a couple of Colorado Rockies games and it was a fun experience as a little kid. I can tell you that it is still a fun experience as an adult. Now that I understand the game better than I did when I was a kid, and I have a team I am rooting for, it makes things that much better. Sarah bought us wonderful seats off of third base. With my new Cubbies t-shirt, I was set.

The game went pretty fast with some 1-2-3 innings. The Cubs scored a run in the first inning and then there was almost no action until the bottom of the ninth. Unfortunately the Cubs pitcher walked in a run with the bases loaded, and then threw a wild pitch to allow the winning run to score. I can tell you the excitement and emotions at the game were high and it was awesome being a part of such a fun atmosphere.

Number Two:

I love to eat. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I love trying new restaurants even more. For lunch on Friday,  Sarah took Jake and I to The Posh Nosh, a Clayton City deli. It is reminescent of a New York Deli with a long list of sandwiches to choose from. They also have a jar of sauerkraut and pickles at your table to enjoy with your meal.

I ordered a Chicago-style hot dog, Jake ordered the “Bonhomme” which had smoked turkey, roast beef, provel cheese and garlic butter on a kaiser roll with Sarah ordering the rueben.  I was impressed. My hot dog was delicious and Jake and Sarah reported that their sandwiches were spot-on.

After lunch we stopped by Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Cafe for a mid-day sweet treat.

Oh my word. There is a reason that they won season three of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. These cupcakes looked amazing. I had a difficult time deciding which one to choose from.

But who would be able to make a decision with cupcakes named The Reese’s, Bee Sting, Missylicious and Twisted Pink Velvet. Jake and I agreed to share the Bee Sting which was wonderful flavors of a vanilla cupcake, honey lemon curd filling, topped with lemon cream cheese, toasted almonds and a lemon candy dust. Can I just say mouth-watering delicious?

I promptly dug in and the Bee Sting was amazing. This cupcake had everything from the cream cheese frosting (which is my favorite), bursting with lemon flavor, moist cake and the most delicious custard filling. I am thinking that this may be a cupcake I try to make in the very near future.

We headed back again to Jilly’s on Sunday for their foodie-fest Sunday Brunch and it was ridiculous. And when I say ridiculous, I mean amazing! There were SO many food choices to choose from it was difficult not walking out of there stuffed. I personally enjoyed their banana-maple and pecan french toast bake, cranberry stuffed chicken, biscuits and gravy and the mini cupcakes for dessert.

Saturday morning before the Cub’s game, Sarah, Jake and I headed downtown St. Louis to check out Rooster.

We had first heard of Rooster’s from a friend of Jake’s last week and she said it was delicious. Rooster specializes in crepes and I had never been to a crepes restaurant. Sure I have had them before, but never at a restaurant that is known for them. It was early and we all three ordered a breakfast crepe. Sarah and Jake each had a sausage, egg and emmenthaler cheese crepe.

I ordered the egg, gruyere and roasted garlic crepe.

With a couple of bloody marys for Jake and Sarah and a nice mimosa for me, we were set.

I have to say, we were all a little disappointed. The crepes themselves were delicious, but the contents inside did not make for a good crepe. 😦 I have to wonder if ordering an egg crepe when crepes are already made out of egg-y batter and adding another egg inside just didn’t jibe. I am not discounting the place at all, for it seems to be a pretty popular place to eat. I think if I do ever head back it will be to enjoy one of their sweet instead of savoury crepe selections.

Number Three:

I really wish I had paid more attention in school during the history classes. Or I guess for that matter, had a better interest in history altogether when I was younger. I have found that the older I get, the more I want to know about our country and all the wonderful history it has to offer. Sarah took Jake and I to see the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

I was in awe standing next to this huge architectural structure. The arch was built from 1963-1965,  and is supposed to represent the westward expansion of the United States.

Looking at the structure from a distance and then from close up are two entirely different things, with the latter being a little dizzying. The monument offers tours to the top, but being a wee bit afraid of heights, I did not partake in this opportunity.

Having a wonderful weekend with Jake and his mom was perfect. It once again makes me realized how blessed I am to have this life and experience new things.

How did you spend your first official fall weekend? 


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