Panera Bread anyone? Who Knew?

Last weekend while in St. Louis we drove past this sign:

St. Louis Bread Co.

(not exact sign as I didn’t have my camera)

and I thought… that sign looks oddly familiar:

I took a second look and asked Jake’s mom what the deal was. Sarah informed me that Panera Bread actually started in St. Louis and was originally named St. Louis Bread Company. The story goes that when they wanted to expand, the decision was made to change the name to Panera Bread.

As we all know, Panera Bread restaurant’s are everywhere. It looks like giving the St. Louis Bread Company a new name worked and was perfect for marketing!

Click here to learn more about this branding change.

I personally LOVE Panera Bread and visit frequently. Do you like Panera Bread? And if so, what do you order?

I cannot recall a time when I walked in to a Panera Bread and didn’t order their “You Pick Two” meal deal with a bowl of French Onion Soup. For my second side choice, I typically switch it up between their Fuji Apple Chicken salad or Steak and Blue Cheese Chopped Salad. Talk about a delicious meal!

If you ask, Jake will tell you a very endearing story of the first night we met. I had been invited to play a friendly game of Scrabble by his friend Kelly. On the way over to their house, I picked up a bowl of French Onion Soup and Mac and Cheese. I proceeded to eat my delightful dinner while kicking his butt at Scrabble.  My first impression was impeccable. 


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