My Three Joys- Sioux City Edition

Going back to my hometown of Sioux City, IA is always a nice treat. What makes this treat even sweeter is when I get to go home and eat copious amounts of ElFredo’s Pizza. And it gets even sweeter when Michelle is able to meet me and we get to spend time together and with her family. This weekend was one of those weekends. 🙂

My Three Joys:

Number One:

I have truly been blessed with having such an amazing close friendship with Michelle and having her family as my second family. Michelle and I met our sophomore year of high school and have never looked back. Despite us living in different states since high school, we have always managed to set time aside for one another. Michelle has the biggest heart of anyone I know and will do anything she can for you.

Not only is Michelle a very close friend, but her family has also become my family. Michelle’s mother Joan, has been a wonderful mother figure since the first moment I went to her home when I was 14 years old. I have many fond memories of her singing her “Good morning to you song” to Michelle and I when I would spend the night.  Her house was a busy place between Michelle, Megan, Mindi and Eric’s friends. Joan always had open arms and was sure to check in with how you were doing.

Friday night I was able to spend time with Michelle’s sister Megan, her son Isaiah, her fiance Josh and Michelle’s Brother Eric, sister-in-law Jenny and their two children Ethan and Sophie. It was a big crowd at ElFredo’s for dinner, celebrating Isaiah’s 8th birthday!

Number Two:

It has been close to ten months since I have been to my favorite restaurant on this planet, ElFredo Pizza. I try to make it home every three months to visit my father and eat at my second home, but this year with planning a wedding, going on a spectacular honeymoon, a career change, crazy busy summer schedule, and applying for graduate school, it just didn’t work out.

My grandfather, Fred Lennon started ElFredo Pizza over forty years ago.  I have so many fond memories of this place that it is hard to picture life without it. I remember being a little kid and going to ElFredo’s with my father while he had to check on something and begging to get a little ice cream cup when they used to have them. Or memories of being in middle school and being able to invite a friend to go in with me on Saturday and Sunday mornings to help with cleaning. And when I began working there in high school.

ElFredo’s Pizza is one of a kind and has hands-down the BEST pizza sauce.  “The secret’s in the sauce” has been a well kept secret that has everyone coming back. The original sauce has a little kick to it and what makes this pizza the best. But then again, it could be the simple fact that everything is made fresh in the restaurant and that the recipes have been in the family for over forty years.

ElFredo’s menu offers not only pizza, but the best breadsticks with shredded pepperoni and homemade garlic butter (which there is no words to describe how savory this is).

I arrived a little bit later then everyone else and this lone breadstick was all that was left… but not for long!!!

They also offer some wonderful pasta dishes that include a couple of my favorites. The first is ElFredo’s unique take on lasagna using wide egg noodles and sausage.

My second favorite is saccottini pasta served with ElFredo’s homemade spaghetti sauce. Saccottini noodles are little pillowly pockets of pasta filled with cheese. These little guys are soft and delicate.

They even offer a mini elf pizza for the little tykes… or me when I want some pizza but not a ton.

My mouth is still watering from this weekend full of good Elfredo’s food. Good thing I brought home a couple of half-baked pizzas to finish baking at home for Jake and I to have for dinner!

Number Three:

I had originally planned to talk about either my pedicure with Michelle…

or my new cd by Lights


Side note: OMG, I recently got in to dubstep music and haven’t been able to let it go. Jake found this cd last week, heard a couple of the songs, and immediately bought it for me boasting that I would love it. And he was right.

But in place of getting a wonderful pedi and having super good music to listen to while driving home and back, it is what I came home to that brought me the most joy. While I was away this weekend, Jake deep cleaned our home.  The scent of our spiced pumpkin candle burning and a shiny home was a very nice, unexpected surprise. Jake had dusted, scrubbed our bathroom til it was sparking white, swept and mopped, vacuumed, put away all of his clean laundry (which I imagine took a couple of hours alone), cleaned the entire kitchen, brushed our kitties and changed the cat litter.

I have the most wonderful husband who knows how much it means to me to have a clean home and decided to spend his free time this weekend putting a huge smile on my face.   #husbandwin

This weekend went by so fast and was jam-packed between spending time helping my dad clean and organize his office, eating ElFredo’s every chance I had and spending time with good friends.

But as all good weekend must come to an end, what better way to end it then with a clean home, two amazing kitties and curled up in front of the TV with Jake while eating pizza, and catching up on Project Runway, Fringe and watching the season finale of Breaking Bad.

What do you enjoy doing the most on Sunday evenings? 


5 thoughts on “My Three Joys- Sioux City Edition

  1. I heart el Fredos and loved your write up of it Libby Loo 🙂 hands down best pizza in. the. universe! And the spaghetti sauce with little sausage flavors needs a shout out too 🙂 glad you had a good weekend in the Sioux 🙂

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