My Three Joys

Sunday Funday!

Or more like lazy, snooze day in the Bouma household.

But I am not complaining.

I will soon be joining the laziness.

This week’s joys all seem to have fallen on Friday, but I am perfectly okay with that. 🙂

Number One:

I was pleasantly surprised this Friday afternoon with a box on my porch. Correction: Jake was pleasantly surprised of the box on our porch and promptly called to tell me of my arrival…

Of beautiful…


flowers from my father! My wonderful father sent them to me congratulating me on my acceptance to Drake.

Having beautiful flowers in our home is such a nice treat!

Number Two:

As part of Jake’s job, he is often gone on overnight trips. (Or trips to Africa that last two weeks) This past Friday Jake was spending time at an 8th grade retreat.

As much as I love my husband and the time we spend together, I take small pleasures in those random nights when he is gone. I find myself thinking of all the girly movies I can watch. Like,

 Jake Ryan anyone? 


John Bender, yes please.

Although I wasn’t able to watch any movies, I was able to enjoy my Saturday by sleeping in, enjoying a nice workout, making a delicious egg-bagel sandwich and being super lazy. I also managed to get a couple of errands in. Don’t get me wrong, being married is wonderful, but what girl wouldn’t like a night curled up sipping some vino and having some 80’s flashbacks!

Number Three:

As part of my second joy this week, the third one may not have happened had Jake not been out of town. I was able to enjoy a long overdo gab fest with with my good friend, Kelly. Life has been so crazy-busy hectic, that it took us a couple of months reconnect. Our original plan was to play a game of Phase 10, but being unable to find it, we ended up talking for four hours about work, life, love and all the in-betweens. I cannot remember the last time I stayed up until midnight just talking. It was such a wonderful evening.

I hope everyone had a joyous week and an even better Sunday. It’s time for me to join the rest of my house in complete laziness!


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