The Best of the Best

Happy Halloween!

I loved Halloween growing up. Fred and I had this box in the basement that contained all of the previous years costumes, make-up and colored hair sprays. I always looked forward to getting into this box a couple of weeks before Halloween and rifling thought its contents trying to create a new costume with the leftovers.

Another fond memory I have is when my Fred and I would go to the video store with my mom and pick out movies. The rule was we each got to pick one out. (You have to remember that this is when video stores were  “cool”  and renting a movie was a special treat.)

My brother and I would always rent one new release, and one horror movie. Now let me tell you, Fred and I probably rented ever single horror movie that we could and still to this day talk about some of our favorites.

I thought I would share some of them with you so that you may also enjoy what Fred and I did.

Friday the 13th – all

Oh Jason and that hockey mask. Fred LOVED Jason!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

To this day, Freddy still creeps me out. I mean, what movie that that has a burned man, wearing a glove with razors as fingers attacking you when you fall asleep wouldn’t creep you out?! I remember very distinctly a poster my brother had in his room of Freddy Krueger in his red and grey sweater. Oh my word, I am sure I will have nightmares tonight just talking about this.

Sleepaway Camp

This was our go-to horror movie and I am sure Fred and I rented it over a dozen times along with the the second and third movie in this trilogy. I do believe they made a remake in the early 2000’s, but nothing will ever match up to the horrors that Angela brings.

April Fool’s Day

This movie would definitely fall into the “cheesy” category of horror movies, but still one of my favorites.

The People Under the Stairs

By far the oddest movie you will ever see. Sure it has a cheesy feel to it, but the storyline is just crazy.

Donnie Darko

Okay, so you caught me. This movie wasn’t a favorite growing up, but has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it in 2003. I am telling you, if you like mind-boggling movies and enjoy being confused, intrigued and in suspense throughout a movie, this is a must watch!

What Halloween/Horror movies do you find yourself watching during this time of year? 


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