My Three Joys

Happy Sunday! Wow, I am not sure about you, but daylight savings last night was a blessing. I was in bed by 10 and up and at ’em by 6:30 am for my morning workout!

Although it is sad to know that it will be darker earlier in the evenings, I am excited for the rest of the fall and winter months to come!

This week was no exception to my previous weeks that flew by!

My Three Joys:

Number One:

After my acceptance to Drake University, I was finally able to register for my classes this week. I will be going back part-time, taking two classes per semester. In January I will begin my graduate school career with Technology in Education and Psychology in Education classes! Look out Drake, because here I come!

Number Two:

About six years ago I taught myself how to knit. I watched Youtube videos and would watch them over and over until I caught on what they were doing. I didn’t push myself to learn anything more than knitting scarves, but pleased with the ones I have made.

Last winter I watched Jake’s grandmother crochet and I was intrigued. She showed me a couple of things, but I really didn’t catch on. I went home and watched some Youtube videos until I grasped the basic idea of crocheting. I unfortunately gave up interest quickly and didn’t invest that much time or energy into the hobby.

A couple of weeks ago I got the crocheting itch and picked up some fun wool yarn and the correct crochet needle and promptly began to crochet my first scarf.

Ta-da! I finally completed it last night and love it! I went to Michaels today and purchased more yarn to crochet more scarves!

Number Three:

For about five years now, I have been working out religiously. I started out in my apartment gym, not knowing a lot and eventually worked up to a gym membership when I moved to Iowa three years ago.

After realizing I hit a plateau, I purchased P90x earlier this year.  I have now completed two rounds thus far with pretty good results in regards to small muscle growth, balance, strength and endurance. In regards to the drastic changes that you often hear associated with P90x… it just didn’t happen for me. I believe the biggest reason is that I never followed the nutritional plan.

Until now.

I just completed my first week of my third round of P90x. My body is beyond the point of sore and I couldn’t feel any better!

In the fat shredder phase, you focus on eating a high protein diet with only one serving of carbs a day. I have to say, changing my eating habits has been easier than I thought. I only cheated once by eating a candy bar while at the movie theater with Jake. ( I also have to put in a disclaimer that I still drink one diet soda on most days).

I am taking a lot of joy in planning my meals and being conscience of what I will be eating for the day. I am not going to lie thought, although this first week went well, I am sure I will miss my sweet treats soon!

I recently bought this super handy app so that I can track my portions throughout the day.

Eat Right 90

It even has a wonderful feature where you can check to see what the portion sizes are and gives examples of servings.

I am very excited about this time around and my efforts to change my eating habits. There are also some really good recipes in the P90x nutritional book that I cannot wait to share with you!

What joys did you experience this week?


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