Retreats, Noodles and Vacations, Oh My Three Joys.

Number One:

A couple of months back Jake asked me if I wanted to help out at SHYG (Senior High Youth Group) and Windsor Heights Lutheran Church youth group fall retreat. I jumped on the opportunity.

Friday night ten of us gathered at Windsor Heights Lutheran’s gathering house. Jake and Erik outlined the next twenty hours of us going through five different Switchfoot songs from their new album, Vice Verses. We were each given a moleskine journal (which are Jake’s favorite) to write down our thoughts throughout the retreat.

The setup was that we listened to each song a total of three times.  The first time was simply to listen and take in what we heard and gather our first impressions.   The second time through was to take away a word or lyric that grabbed our attention. After sharing and discussing with the group, a Bible verse was shared with us that linked back to the song. The third and final time through we processed the song even more with the Bible verse and continued to journal our thoughts, feelings and reactions. We then participated in an activity to give us a visual application of the message behind the song.

There are no words to describe how much I continue to be blown away by how creative, intelligent and brillant Jake is. His Theology background and ability to share and explain his knowledge with us all is beautiful. And just putting Erik in the same room makes it even that much better. I will be the first to admit I do not know a lot about the Bible, religion, theology or anything of the like, but continue to love to learn more from my husband.

Number Two:

Last month Jake and I were taking a stroll through Valley West Mall and came upon this.

I believe I did a “Whoo-hoo” and a little jump in the air. I used to LIVE on Noodles and Company when I lived in Denver. Their mac and cheese is beyond delicious and it is so reasonably priced. I told Jake we had to make it back when it opened.

Well, fast forward a couple of weeks and my new nutrional plan didn’t really call for a bowl full of rich, creamy pasta. But I had to make an exception. Friday night Jake and I stopped by the new store to catch a bite before the retreat. Jake got the Bacon, Mac and Cheeseburger dish ( which he had unfortunately consumed most of before I had the chance to snap a pic) and I got the Pesto Cavatappi.

There is just something about eating pasta with chopsticks…

Jake enjoyed the fact that they had Sriracha available.

We were both very pleased with our meals and know we will be back again for sure!

Number Three:

Well, it is official… Jake and I are headed to


After saving for several months, Jake and I were able to purchase our flight and hotel package to Sin City. We both wanted to do something fun for our February birthday’s next year and decided Vegas would be perfect. Jake has never been, and I am ecstatic to show him the ropes.

This week ended on a high note, aside from the fact that my little Klausie is sick and we have been having to wash him down every few hours. 😦

I do hope he gets better soon.

I will say I am looking forward to my third week of P90x which is still going strong, despite my cheat night Friday with Noodles and Company and chips and mini sweet treats at the high school retreat. Opps…

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the calm before the Holiday craziness kicks in!

Do you have any vacations plans in your near future? 


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