My Three Joys

With only four days left before Thanksgiving, I cannot help but to think about all the things I am thankful for, big and small.

This week is just one more thing I can add to that list!

Number One:

Every week, Jake and I try to have a “date night”. Typically these fall on Friday nights where we go to dinner or a movie, or perhaps both. This Friday, Jake and I started our date night off by heading to our favorite coffeeshop, Mars Cafe, in the Drake Neighborhood. (They have the BEST coffee in town and I love the ambience in that place. It is no wonder we got some of our wedding photographs taken there).

I brought along our cribbage board and finally taught Jake how to play.

Have you ever played cribbage? It is a card game that requires you to think in several different ways of how to group together your hand to get the most points when pegging and when showing your hand. Scoring is kept using a cribbage board.


I am probably not explaining it well at all, but trust me, it is worth getting in to playing.

I learned how to play several years ago, but haven’t kept up with playing in about four. I decided it was high time to get Jake on board with what used to be one of my favorite games. It took me a couple of hands and checking back at my notes to get back in to the grove of things, but once I did, it was just like old times.

After Mars we met up with his brother Joe and his girlfriend Ani, for dinner at El Patio. I have to say I was rather disappointed with our meals. The chips were not homemade, the food was sub-par and it was overpriced. Jake and I agreed that we should just stick with our favorite mexican restaurant, Monterrey. Despite the food not living up to our expectations, it was good to meet up with family and share some good laughs.

Number Two:

This year, Jake and I are co-hosting Thanksgiving with his brother and sister-in-law. Thursday night Whitney and I were able to sit down and plan our menu.  Saturday morning I devoted a good chunk of time going through recipes I have been bookmarking and picking out the perfect ones. Although our menu consists of a lot of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, everything is going to be homemade and a couple of exciting twists to the dishes, including brining our turkey this year. I cannot wait to share some of them with you after the holiday!

Number Three:

Some weeks it is the simpliest things that bring me the most joy. This week included a lot of them.

  1. Getting our guest bedroom cleared of all the dirty and clean laundry taking over and it being either washed or folded and put away.
  2. Waking up every morning to sweat my little but off through P90x. Three weeks in and still going strong.
  3. Doing a little rearranging and adding a little reading nook area in our living room. Jake was overjoyed with a new-to-us comfy reading chair, a side table picked up at an estate sale for only $2 and a new little rug.
  4. Completing a crocheted scarf for my friend Kelly.
  5. And the best of all….Remember me telling you last week about our little Klaus being sick? Well, Jake was home on Monday and heard some crunching going on from the dining room area.. He walks in to find this:

Yep, you guessed correctly. Klaus had been eating our berry decorations AND the pinecones in the basket. I swear that little rascal will eat anything and everything. Needless to say the decorations are gone and Klaus is feeling much better.

So many things to be thankful for in this life. Going in to the week of Thanksgiving, what things are you thankful for? 


4 thoughts on “My Three Joys

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