My Three Joys… Christmas Season has arrived!

Number One

My friend Mandy went home for Thanksgiving and brought back a special delivery for Jake and I to enjoy Saturday evening for dinner.

Growing up I was spoiled rotten being able to eat ElFredo Pizza as often as I wanted.  Now as an adult, I still crave their food at least once a week, but more times than not several times a week. If only I could count the times Jake and I have said we wished we could just go to ElFredo’s to eat for dinner.

While I unfortunately cannot satisfy my cravings every time I have them, I can get my fix with the half-bake pizzas my dad makes for us.

Jake devoured his pepperoni, sausage and onion pizza while I enjoyed my usual 1/2 Canadian bacon, pineapple and 1/2 pepperoni and green olive pizza. It was delicious as always and I cannot wait to get back to eat some more.

Number Two

In case you haven’ t gathered by now, I really enjoy playing games. Last week I taught Jake how to play cribbage and was able to play with his mom on Thursday. Earlier this week Jake was telling me about Pente, a game he and his grandfather used to play while growing up.  On Thanksgiving day, Jake’s grandmother brought over his grandfather’s board and he and his brothers challenged each other to several games.

Pente is a board game that is built off of strategy. You want to be the first person to get five stones in a row or capture five pairs of your opponents stones. The game was described to me as being similar to sequence, except without the cards and a lot more strategy.

Jake deep in thought about his pending loss to his brother Joe.

Jake taught me how to play on Friday and I cannot get enough! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite games!

Both photos courtesy of Joe B. 

Number Three

Christmas is finally here in the Bouma household!

Friday night Jake and lit our Vanilla Bean Noel candle, played Christmas music, sipped  milk nog and got to work on putting up our decorations.

Last year Jake and I made the decision to purchase a fake tree to have in my tiny apartment at the time.  This year we decided to use it again, foregoing purchasing a real one. It is decorated in red and silver ornaments. As you may note in the picture, the left side is lacking some of those ornaments. Klaus and Dietrich decided to play with them and they were scattered about our house when we woke up Saturday morning. We have yet to decide if we put them back on, or just leave them off. We also still need to purchase a tree skirt and angel for the top.

I ordered this ornament last year in the hopes of starting the tradition of adding a new ornament each Christmas season. I have yet to find one for this year, but am keeping my eyes open.

I am extremely excited to share this Christmas season with Jake as a married couple.  We have already talked about the traditions we want to start with the hopes of sharing them with our children someday.

Well, I am off to enjoy my Sunday afternoon of playing a game of Pente with Jake, tackling the growing laundry piles and working on crocheting a scarf for Jake. I love lazy Sundays.

Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or fake?

~I have gone back and forth about this. Growing up we always had a real tree. While I enjoy the smell and look of a fresh tree, we decided to put out our fake one that we bought last year.  It is on the smaller side, but I am actually okay with this. There isn’t the cost of buying a tree, or the hassle with the pine needles falling off and watering it everyday. Maybe when we have children I will carry on the tradition of having  a real tree.


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