Simple, Fabulous, DIY Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas time! So many good feelings running though me and the emotions it elicits.  The Bouma household is no exception. I love decorating my home and having the Christmas vibe in the air through the month of December.

Last Sunday I posted about Jake and I decorating, but I really didn’t go in to detail with some of our decorations. Today I am here to show you some of the super quick and super simple do-it-yourself decorations we have in our home.

I will say that this Christmas we have learned our lesson  with what items we can have out and what items are just not able to survive our kitties, Klaus and Dietrich.

Last year I used the leftover Scrabble tiles from the set Jake used to propose to me and made some super cute scrabble tile ribbon ornaments.

Scrabble Tile Ribbon Ornaments


Scrabble tiles. You can use ones from an incomplete board set or you can purchase them online or at a craft store.

Glue gun and ribbon


Decide which words you would like on you ribbon and place them on the ribbon to determine spacing.  Be sure to leave enough extra ribbon at the top to create a loop to hang on the tree.

Cut ribbon to desired size and fold over top of ribbon so that it creates a loop. Using the glue gun, glue the loop in place.

Once loop set, using one scrabble tile at a time, glue them in their desired place.

Once glue tiles are cooled and set, hang them on your tree!

I love this craft because you can be super creative with it! Be spunky and use different ribbons and words!

Ornament Vase

This decoration makes  a perfect dining room table or mantle center piece.


  • Round ornaments
  • Vase
  • Ribbon


Place ornaments in vase and tie ribbon around the top.

This decoration is super easy and perfect for us since our cats cannot get into the vase to play with the ornaments!

For Thanksgiving Jake and I used these decorations as our centerpieces.

Mason Jar Candles

  • Mason Jars, any size
  • Candle that fits inside
  • Twine or ribbon


Place candle inside jar and tie ribbon or twine around rim. It doens’ t get easier than this.

I thought I would share some of our other Klaus and Dietrich friendly decorations.

Snowden! Does anyone remember these plushed stuffed snowmen? From the years 1997-2003 Target made these exclusively for their stores. I am pretty sure my step-mom bought every single one. I only have the one from 1998.

A nice and cozy fleece blanket in the reading nook chair.

A Winter Scented Candle from Bath and Body Works.

Of course every house has to have a mistletoe. We decided to put up Oscar the Owl as our mistletoe. Oh how I love Owls!

Jingle Bells

Christmas Card Holder

And of course a Santa hat.

And what bathroom wouldn’t be complete without the Vanilla Bean Noel hand soap. Jake is a wee bit obsessed. But I am perfectly okay with that.

And I cannot wait until we have children because I REALLY want the Elf on a Shelf!


The girls I babysat in Colorado had one and I LOVED how excited they got when they woke up in the mornings and had to find Elf’s new post when he came back from the North Pole. I may just have to get him before we have children as that is at least a couple of years away.

Well I am off to finish being productive with house things before Jake returns this afternoon from his retreat.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

What Christmas decorations do you absolutely love putting out each year?


2 thoughts on “Simple, Fabulous, DIY Christmas Decorations

  1. Libby, I love Christmas as much as you! We put our tree up the day after Christmas and Caitlin put on all of the ornaments. Each year Tom and I give the girls a Hallmark ornament based on what I call the theme of the year…so one year she loved Scooby Doo so she got a Scooby ornament. A couple of years it was Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Lauren got a cell phone tree ornament one year and a barbie race car ornament the year she got her license…etc. It is a tradition I started when we spent our first Christmas together and it is fun to hear the girls’ memories as they hang the ornaments and/or read the notes I put in the boxes of each one. Lauren was mad because she did not get the ornaments to put on the tree where she is living but she doesn’t have her own place so it wasn’t time to give them to her yet. Anyway, so the tree is my favorite part but we have so many pieces that Tom’s mom made that we put up each year and are very fond of as we remember her. Thanks for sharing your great ideas for decor!

    • What a wonderful Christmas tradition Cassie! It is fun to hear what traditions people have that creates memories for years ahead. I think I am going to have to steal this one when we start to have children. Last year I started the tradition for Jake and I with getting a first Christmas together ornament and this year looking for a wedding one. I am also on the hunt for our first set of stockings, but it is so difficult to choose the perfect ones that I will want for years to come! I hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday season!

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