My Three Joys

Whew, what a day. Jake and I left at 11:30 and didn’t get back until a little after 4 pm. We hit up Jordan Creek Mall, stopping at all our favorites stores. We then headed to Costco where we stocked up on some needed household items. A brief trip to Petco only to find out they didn’t have the 30 lb bag of Blue Buffalo cat food we were looking for. So we had to drive to the Clive Petco and then on to Hy-Vee.

After putting away all of our groceries and goodies, I got down to business making a delicious batch of cookies that I plan to share later this week. These were so good I still cannot believe it.

It was an extremely short weekend with Jake being gone Friday night and Saturday and our super busy day today, didn’t lend to much lazy together time. Although I am always sad to see the weekends end, it is nice being able to reflect back on the little things that happened in my week.

Number One

Tuesday night I went on a mini shopping spree, courtesy of my friend Mandy.  She hosted a very successful clothing swap where I left with my arms full.  I brought ten items that included shirts, sweaters, a pair of boots and jewelry to swap out with another person’s items. I was super excited to walk away with a new-to-me scarf, two sweaters, cardigan, bracelet and a genuine leather purse! I have been rocking the same Timbuk2 cargo tote for close to a year now and haven’t been able to find the right purse to let it go. (By the way, Timbuk2 is an amazing company and have the best line of bags.  I own three and am obsessed).

Anyway, on to the super sweet purse I picked swapped up. 🙂


It has a  zipper that goes around the bottom of the purse so it can expand.

And wait, it gets even better…

Hot pink lining!  I am super pumped to transfer all of my belongings into this purse and rock the super sweet teal color!

Number Two

When Klaus came home from the ARL, Jake and I promptly purchased him a bright orange collar to wear. Unfortunately he had it off in 2.2 and it never managed to stay on since then. A couple of months later, we purchased another collar in hopes that this one would stay put since he was older. No dice. It has now been a good three months since Klaus has had a collar and we thought it was time to try again.  May I present to you Klaus’s photo shoot.

My favorite photo is the last one because he is screaming the “I am SO over this photo shoot” look. His new Burberry look-alike collar is super cute on him despite the poor, iPhone photos.

It’s been a good four hours and it has stayed on. I think we may have a winner!

Number Three

After being in a reading rut, Wednesday night I finally picked up


Jake read this book awhile ago and couldn’t stop talking about it. He even had me watch a couple of short documentaries about Scientology.  I started it over a month ago, but haven’t been committed to reading it. On Wednesday I picked it back up and haven’t been able to put it down. What a crazy, bizarre, mind-boggling thing Scientology is. I now look forward to reading it every night.

Well I’m sad to see my weekend go, but hope everyone has a wonderful week. Time for me to get some shut-eye.


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