My Three Joys- Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas!

Jake and I are ever so thankful for our close family and friends and are reminded every day of the many joys and blessings we have in our lives.

Throughout the year, Jake and I love thinking of new ways we can create Bouma family traditions that will someday be passed on to our children.  This Christmas Jake and I were able to carry on a tradition started last year, as well as, create a new one.

Number One:

Last year Jake and I made a couple of batches of our beef jerky and gave out to his brothers. This year we made six batches of the stuff as Christmas gifts. It was fun working on this project with Jake playing around with our basic recipe to create different flavors and levels of spiciness. I think he has achieved his goal with this last batch having jalapeno slices and juice in the marinade.

Number Two:

Jake and I went to the 11 pm candle light service at Faith Lutheran on Christmas Eve. I am not sure how I was able to stay awake that late, but I am so thankful I did.  Not only was the church beautifully decorated, but the service brought a peaceful calm to the hustle and bustle of the week. I truly loved listening to magnificent music shared throughout the service.

Number Three:

After spending time with Jake’s family last weekend and this week, Jake and I decided that we wanted to spend Christmas day at home with one another. We decided earlier this year that we would forgo exchanging gifts to one another as we recently booked our trip to Las Vegas for this upcoming February.

When discussing what goodies to have on Christmas day, Jake and I decided we wanted to start the tradition of making homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

They were sinfully delicious and the perfect way to spend our morning.  Jake’s mother came over and we all settled in for a lazy day of watching movies and catching up on our TV shows of the week.

It is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone, but I find myself saying this every year. I can now set my sights on this weekend when Michelle and Andy will be visiting to celebrate the New Year! I am beyond excited for them to be here!

Well, Jake and I are off for the day to hit up Costco and Target, as we are out of a few necessities and want to be prepared for the week!

Happy day after Christmas!


2 thoughts on “My Three Joys- Christmas Edition

  1. I loved your Christmas Card ,the only thing missing this Christmas was you and always love reading your blog……………………………..xo mom

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