A Late Christmas Gift

Merry Belated Christmas to us! Remember me telling you about Jake and I not exchanging gifts this year due to our recent purchase of a trip to Las Vegas…

Well, on Monday Jake and I were purusing Kohl’s and came upon an item that has been high on our list of “wants”.

And well, with the Keurig already on sale and an extra 20% off to boot, how could we pass this up?!

We couldn’t.

We have had our Keurig for three days now and it has changed our lives. Literally. Jake has not been to Caribou since Monday.. which if you know Jake, is a LONG time.

I am not a huge coffee drinker, so bought little K-cups of Zen tea. Super good. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this purchase.

If you own a Keurig, what K-cups are your favorites? 


6 thoughts on “A Late Christmas Gift

  1. I love the Green Mountain..and dunkin donuts…watch for sales at Bed Bath & Beyond.

    as it can get pricey……………..love it..mom..Glad you got one..

  2. Enjoy your new toy! We got one last year for Christmas and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Eliza likes to make me “homemade” coffee on the weekends. Top non-coffee flavors 1) Apple Cider 2) Any of the ice teas (you brew them over ice). Top coffees 1) Doughnut Shop 2) Winter Carnival 3) Caribou varieties.
    As mentioned above, watch for sales and additional % off coupons (Kohls and BBandB). Also, you can get a reusable cup thingy that you can put your own coffee grounds in. I think there are two kinds, the spring-loaded one works best.

    • Eliza is too cute. I cannot wait to try the iced teas and that is my go to morning drink in the summer. Thanks for the tips. I had no clue about the reusable cup, which will be perfect for Jake who loves his coffee grinder and freshly ground coffee.

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