My Three Joys

KenpoX…. Check

Fridge cleaned out… Check

Dishes washed, kitchen floor swept and mopped… Check

Teach 5th grade Kick class… Check

Grocery shopping… Check

Laundry folded and put away… Check

It sure has been a busy morning! But now that all of my “chores” are out of the way, Jake and I can enjoy our Sunday complete with watching Sons of Anarchy episodes and trying to knock out the bad guys in Super Mario Bros, Wii style.

This week was somber knowing that it was my last full week before grad classes start. Going back to school continues to be surreal and probably will be until I have to start hitting the books hard.

Despite having my emotions running wild, I was still able to find joy in my week.

Number One

Thursday night our good friends, the Ullestad’s, came over to enjoy a delicious spaghetti dinner. I made my brother’s tasty spaghetti sauce complete with homemade garlic bread and Rice Krispie bars. Erik and Allison have the most well-behaved and polite children. Anna, Evan and Issac have so much spunk and character, I get a kick spending time with them.  I truly enjoy hosting dinners and love spending time with good people.

Number Two

I admit, I can be one of those annoying mushy-gushy wive’s who will go on and on about how amazing their husband is to anyone who will listen. I can’t help it. Especially when he does things that completely blow me away.

Last September, Jake was asked to write an article for Immerse Journal, a publication for youth ministry. His article,  “Evangelism in the Dark” was published in the January/February issue.

Saying I am proud of my husband and his ability to share his intelligence, theology studies and passion with people does not even come close to how I feel. I am so thankful for him, his mind and his willingness and want to teach.

Number Three

For the past couple of months Jake and I have been discussing our want to purchase a Playstation 3 or Wii. Every time we have the discussion, we cannot come to justify the purchase, no matter how hard we try.

With Jake’s compensation for writing “Evangelism in the Dark”, we decided to splurge. On Friday night Jake and I had a couple of items we needed to pick up from Target and well, we walked right out with a Wii. That dang Target gets me every time. Although it wasn’t a planned purchase going in, we did spend a good 20 minutes in the electronics section discussing it. 🙂

Jake and I have spent the past two nights battling Koopalings and Bowser Jr. on our journey to rescue Princess Peach from her captor’s. The Wii Super Mario Bros. combines all the previous Super Mario Bros. games and compiles the best of the best into this game. I cannot tell you how much fun Jake and I have had taking turns trying to beat the different levels.

Well, it is my last Sunday as a non-grad student for the next couple of years. I am off to spend it playing Wii and enjoying time with my husband.

Have a wonderful week and remember to find joy in the little things! 


4 thoughts on “My Three Joys

  1. We have been trying to decide about buying a gaming system too, or rather I talk about it and David listens and says I don’t know…haha Since I don’t play the games and mostly want the physical activity type “games” my grandsons tell me I should get the Wii.

    • I think Wii would be perfect then. We also have the Water Sport Resorts game which keeps you on your feet and active. I have also used Wii fit at my friend’s house on several occasions and love it. It gets you up and moving and super fun, which is great.

  2. Have fun before the big week….and Love your blog……….You are blessed with an amazing husband
    and partner to share all life ‘s Joyfull News..xo

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