My Three Joys

What a crazy, busy week. I have a sneaky suspicion it will only get busier from here on out, and I am ready.

Number One

If you have been reading my blog for long, you heard (ad nauseam I am sure) that I was accepted into the Masters of Education program at Drake University. Well, this week it became official with my first two classes.  I am not sure if I am just experiencing that ‘honeymoon’ feeling, but I am on cloud 9. The other night I shared a little about my experience in my Technology Integration class.

My Education Psychology class Thursday night was a nice surprise. What I had heard was previously a looooong four-hour lecture, turned out to be an interactive class. Our  professor, Jerrid Kruse tipped the scales and by the end of the class had all of us engaging with one another in a very unique way.

I walked in to the small room, which seats about 12 people. Once everyone was seated, we were asked to choose a note card that held a seat number and were instructed to find our seat according to the map on the white board.  The map consisted of four tables labeled A, B, C, D each numbered 1 through 4. The map didn’t give any other descriptors and it was up to us as a class to assign and number each table in front of us.  And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

As a class we discussed and agreed that the in-class time would be shortened to three hours with the last hour to be spent on our own working on either a reading assignment or watching a video. We then spent some significant time setting up a Google+ and Blogger account as our means to communicating as a class. Dr. Kruse had us read our syllabus, which is not like any other I have seen. Through us asking him questions, we learned that there are no timeframes in the class and that his style of teaching is that each class we will have discussions and when we get to our projects, we get to them. I was blown away by Dr. Kruse’s approach, but overjoyed and looking forward to next week’s class.

Number Two

This week has been one of new experiences, self-assessments and deep reflections about what direction I want to focus on for my life.

With that being said, I had the great pleasure of being offered and accepting the part-time Coordinator of Children and Family Ministry position at my church, Faith Lutheran. This position had been weighing on my heart for the past month and I had the opportunity to have some really good conversations with the Director, Melinda Littler and my husband. I am overjoyed to join the staff at Faith and serve God’s ministry with the children and families of Faith.

Number Three

I have been following Jennifer over at Savory Simple for the past few months. I honestly cannot remember what led me to her blog, but after finding it, Savory Simple immediately made it on to my Google Reader. With her recipes like almond butter, pumpkin bagels and mushroom risotto how could you go wrong? Jennifer’s dishes not only looking amazing, but sound delicious.

In early January Savory Simple posted about  a trip to Tubac and her visit to Tubac Olive Oil. And with that post was a gracious giveaway that offered the chance to win a gift set of Tubac’s olive oils and balsamic vinegar. And guess what, I won!

I received the package earlier this week and I cannot wait to dive in and begin using the oils and vinegar in some of my dishes!

Thank you Savory Simple!

And with that, I am off to enjoy another wonderful week that I have no doubt will keep reminding me how thankful I am for this life!


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