Restaurant Review: Americana


Friday afternoon I was contacted by the manager of Americana to discuss the email I had sent over. Mr. C. (Manager) was extremely nice and stated that he and the owners of Americana appreciated the feedback given. He went on to state that although they are a newer restaurant “on the block” (7 months), they should be getting into the groove (my words) of having their food established. He stated that Americana is owned by the same people that own Djengo and Centro and want to carry the same status. (Jake and I love Centro, fyi).

Mr. C. went on to say that as they are continuing to try and establish themselves, the recently let their executive chef go and hired a new one to come in and take a close look at the kitchen and menu to see what revisions needs to be made.

Mr. C. went on to say that just earlier that day he had one of their burgers for lunch and the fact did occur to him that they should be grinding their own meat instead of using a pre-made patty. He stated that Americana will begin working on figuring out a way to grind their own meat for burgers as they want to be known for having the best burgers in town.

Mr. C. informed me that Americana is also taking a close look at their panini’s and soon may no longer be carrying them. He stated that although my sandwich did not look like it was pressed, it was in fact pressed, but that they realize their are flaws to the sandwiches and that it may be best to cut them out of the their menu altogether.

When it came to the fries, he stated that was a matter of getting food fried to the correct time.

Mr. C. acknowledged that while nowhere in my email did I asked to be compensated for what I felt was a less than quality dinner, but that he would feel better and quote:  “sleep better at night”,  if he could put a gift card in the mail for Jake and I to come back to Americana and have a better dining experience.

I am very pleased to hear that my feedback was taken seriously and a phone call was placed instead of a standard email.

Be rest assured, when Jake and I do head back to Americana, another critical assessment of their food will be taken and reported back.  I do hope that the second time around the food is much more enjoyable. 🙂

Below originally posted on January 25th, 2012.

As part of my 2012 goals, I decided to challenge Jake and I to try a new restaurant each month. More times than not, we find ourselves heading to the same place over and over again because we are familiar and comfortable with what we know.

Last Friday night, Jake and I headed downtown for our weekly date night. We have been hearing a lot about Americana  and decided it was high time we check it out.

Sadly, we were unimpressed.

It was off to a great start with both of us being pleasantly surprised and feeling at ease in the elegant and swanky atmosphere. The soft conversations and glow of candles on each table were inviting and put us in the perfect mood to enjoy our evening.

Our server was super sweet and knew her stuff.

Jake started with his usual…

Spicy Bloody Mary minus the green olives.

And I, with mine,

a glass of Pinot noir.

As an appetizer, we split the crab rangoon dip.

Not my first choice, but agreed to order it. The dip was had a spicy-sweet combo and very enjoyable.

Jake ordered the Burger Americana.

And this is where it went downhill.

He was disappointed to say the least. It was ordered med-rare, but came out rare.  Taking the burger apart, we both noticed that it was a pre-made round patty, which was surprising given the caliber of the restaurant.  It had a heap of onion strings, but not much Dijon Aioli and wasn’t bursting with flavor as we had hoped.

I had trouble deciding between the Mac and Cheese or the Chicken Apple Panini.

I chose the latter and immediately regretted this decision.  First, the sandwich was clearly not made with a Panini press of any type. The bread was toasted and so crispy/overdone that the edges were hard and inedible. It appeared as though the sandwich had been sitting out for some time prior to being served.

The flavor of the brie, apples, spinach and pears were delicious, however extremely lacking in content. I took apart the sandwich only to find super thin slices of chicken, a couple of spinach leaves, a couple of apple slices, a thin slice of brie (which is fine as it only takes a little for this cheese to make an impact) and untraceable amounts of the pears (which were not fresh, but diced, in a sauce and looked like they came from a can).

Both sandwiches came with a cup of parmesan french fries. They had a wonderful, distinct parmesan flavor, but super crispy.  I personally enjoy crispy french fries, but they were so crispy Jake barely touched his.

Jake and I take our food seriously, especially when we are dining out. We had heard mixed reviews of Americana and now I can see why. We do not have a problem with paying a higher price for food and treating ourselves now and then, but are saddened when the food is lacking the fundamentals of what we are paying for.

We both believe that Americana has a lot of potential with the atmosphere, service and the one dish we did enjoy, however I am not sure we will be back any time soon.

At the time we didn’t return our food or say anything, which maybe was a mistake on our part. I did however, write an email to the “contact us” address on their website letting them know of our experience.


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