January Goals Recap

When I was younger my dad used to always tell me that time flew as you get older, but I refused to believe him. Now that I am tacking on another year to my 30’s next month, I completely see what he means.  Geesh… I can hardly believe it is January 31st of the year 2012!!!!

But let me tell you, if you lived in Iowa and didn’t know any better, you would have a hard time believing it was the end of January. For the past two days it has been absolutely gorgeous with our record-breaking temps in the upper 50’s. Global warming at it’s best, that is for sure.

But I digress. It is the end of January and time to report on how I fared on my January goals.

1. No sweet treat baking in January.  Sad Face. Super sad face.  😦

Okay, in my defense, it wasn’t a huge big fat fail, but a fail none the less. I went ALL month without baking a single sweet treat. And let me tell you, it was no easy feat.  I can’t even begin to tell you how tempted I was with all of the delicious recipes I have come across on the blogs I read. Like this. And these. Unfortunately (or fortunately however you chose to look at it), I gave in. Last Saturday Jake and I made the fatal mistake of grocery shopping while we were hungry, and somehow a box of Funfetti and container of cream cheese frosting ended up in our cart. Yep, you can guess the rest. But hey, I went 28 days, that is saying something. 😉

2. Devote one Sunday this month to making my week’s meals ahead of time. Success! Kind of. 

You haven’t seen the post yet, but it was done. I spent a few hours in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago prepping meals for the week ahead. In retrospect of the week, I could have prepared more.  I grossly underestimated what I should have prepped. This goal will be a work in progress. 

3. Waking up at 6:30 at least three times during the work week.  Success!

This one wasn’t as quite as difficult as I thought it would be once I got my butt into gear and knew that it just had to be done. 

4. Clean, organize, and get my closet in order.  Success!

Clothes sorted, closet cleaned up, and all my hangers have been turned backwards. Whoohoo! I have to say I have really enjoyed seeing what clothes I have already worn and which ones are remaining.  It certainly makes outfit decision-making time a little bit easier. 🙂

5.  Figure out what workout routine I will do when my third round of P90x ends in three weeks.  Success! 

I finished up my third round of  P90x last week! I haven’t kept any records of my results the past two rounds, but have certainly noticed more definition in my muscles. The whole eating to the nutrition plan is what gets me. Super difficult. I have tried and tried, but my heart just isn’t there yet.

My next workout routine will be a combination of Insanity and P90x. I decided it was time to switch things up, but I’m not ready for P90x2, and don’t want to switch to complete cardio, hence a combo of the two. P90x offers great weight training sessions that I just don’t want to give up. I have found a couple of great websites that offer suggestions on how to combo the two. I will be starting in about a week, so wish me luck!

Overall I am pleased at the results of my January goals. Stay tuned for my February goals!

Did you have any January goals? How did you fair with sticking to them?


One thought on “January Goals Recap

  1. I like that you use the word “goal” rather than resolution ..It makes it more realistic.I have found that if I have my menu for the week planned before I go shopping I can save at least 2o percent off my own grocery bill……..Like you” If chicken is the chosen main protein that week ,I can make a roast chicken and then make another 3 meals out of..If chicken is on sale I’ll buy two and freeze one…….Main meal roasted chicken,with leftovers a chicken salad and third one .We like chiken enchiladas…….Buying ground beef in bulk 8/2o saves alot of $ and then freezing in meal proportions .Don’t get caught up in packaging..You pay for the fancy packages ! Hope you can use some of my own money saving tips..

    Love getting your email bog alert..Register people………….:)thanks Libby

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