Okay Let’s Do This

Yesterday Jake and I met with Dr. Brown to discuss the results of Jake’s MUGA test and to hear when he could start chemo. Dr. Brown entered the room with his intern and sat down in the chair beside me which is different from where he normally sits. He very calmly stated that Jake’s heart test came back fine (which we had heard earlier that day) and that he could start chemo tomorrow. Whoohoo!

Dr. Brown went over each of the four chemotherapy drugs. The acronym is ABVD. The most basic way of explaining these drugs is that they are toxins meant to attack the cancerous cells.  The unfortunate part is that they also attack your white and red blood cells and your platelets.

With knowing this information, it is important to me that Jake has the most healthiest environment to live in. So, yesterday after work and church I came home and went crazy with cleaning our home.  In a want to move away from using toxic cleaning supplies, I had a fruitful conversation with my mom about what natural cleaning supplies we could use. She sent me an email with information on Green Cleaning. Thanks mom!

A friend of ours graciously went to the store for us to pick up some last-minute items before the big day, complete with baking soda and a spray bottle. I spent three hours cleaning our house from top to bottom using a mixture of vinegar and water in the spray bottle. The baking soda was used in conjunction with vinegar and water to scrub our tub, toilet and kitchen sink. It is such a good feeling knowing that after Jake’s first round of chemo he will be coming back to a clean home.

This morning we both willed ourselves out of bed, nervous to face the day. After a quick “collection” drop off at the fertility clinic, and a pit stop at My Favorite Muffin, we arrived at the chemo clinic. After waiting for what seemed like forever, Patty our nurse, called Jake’s name and gave us a tour of the clinic.  Jake had a choice of being in a private room or in their main area in a recliner. For his first treatment, Jake decided on the private room. Patty then spent a good 15-20 minutes going through each drug again and more in-depth of the possible side effects and  after care. Jake got comfortable in the bed complete with a warm fuzzy blanket from home to comfort him and got started on getting his chemo drugs.

I am not sure what is in store for us after we leave our first appointment, but I am anxious to find out. I have no doubt in my mind that things will be rough and challenging to both of us in different ways, but I am ready for whatever lies ahead.

With that being said, it is the first of March and a re-cap of my February goals are due. As you can imagine, my February goals all went out the window with everything that has been going on. Out of the five, the only one that oddly came out ahead was #5 with getting our laundry washed, folded and put away in one seating. I will admit that it wasn’t always done in one seating, but I can tell you that there were not baskets of laundry just hanging out waiting to be folded and put away. I plan to continue with setting goals for myself each month and hope to have March ones up soon.


3 thoughts on “Okay Let’s Do This

  1. Libby, I have yet to figure out why the lanndry will sit in a laundry basket or floor for days before they go in a drawer. I fold it but the boys cannot seem to get it in thier drawers. Another trick is fold it as you take it out of the dryer. I can sort by types (shirts in one pile, pants in one pile, etc.) and by person. This makes it very easy to put them away but it doesn’t happen and quickly as I like. Pretty anal but that is the way my mom did it and so do I…

    • That totally makes sense Miranda. I got into the habit of separating my laundry with Jake’s and then he is responsible for putting his own away… but just like your boys, Jake has a hard time finding getting it where it needs to go.

  2. You” inspired” me to get our home all ” GREEN “cleaning too,going forward.I got some Meyers cleaning today for our home myself & yes so happy you ‘two” got through treatment #1
    xo mom

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