My Three Joys

A little late, but better than never. 🙂

Last week started off a little rocky with Jake feeling the side effects of chemo and me trying to get my busy life under control. I find myself lost in the days at times with all of the emotions running wild, things I need to remember, work and school.

In all of that, I continue to find time to take care of myself by eating healthy (the Cancer-Fighting Kitchen sure has helped) and plugging away with my P90x workouts. I even started the P90x/Insanity Hybrid yesterday and loving it!

Jake’s mother has also been amazing by staying with him this past two Thursday’s while I was at my three-hour class to make sure he had a good meal and to keep him company.

Despite the ups and downs of last week, I continue to find joy in so many things.

Number One:

Our documentary, “Let’s Do This: Facing Hodgkin Lymphoma” was announced last week along with the Kickstarter campaign. Long story short, Jake’s high school friend, Nate Matta approached us about filming a documentary about our journey though Jake’s Hodgkin diagnosis, chemo treatments and recovery. We immediately saw this as an amazing opportunity to share our story with others who may be going through the same thing and embarking on their own journey with a lot of unknowns. Jake and Nate are working with Kickstarter to help raise money to fund the documentary and its submissions to various film festivals. If you watch the trailer, be sure to have some kleenex close by.

Number Two:

Saturday night Jake and I were treated to a taco fiesta prepared by the Nelson family, close friends of Jake’s. Robin and Chris Nelson have three girls, all of which were in Jake’s previous youth group. As all three girls were home together for Spring Break, the family wanted to catch up and bring us dinner. I cannot tell you how nice it was having someone else cook for us in our own home, with no clean-up, not to mention that great conversations. It certainly was a pleasant surprise and a nice way to spend out Saturday evening.

Number Three:

My  learning theories paper is just about done! This has been on my radar for the past several weeks, but unfortunately never made it to the top of my priority list, until Saturday. I cozied up on my couch, spread out my notes and got to work. This paper is for me to articulate my understanding of the four main learning theories including the various nuances to each of them and how they connect with one another. My professor, Dr. Kruse, doesn’t give us any real due dates, but stated that if we wanted feedback in a timely manner, shoot for this past Sunday. Well, unfortunately that timeframe didn’t happen, but after working on it Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday morning it is just about done. Just a few more clean-ups and it will be ready to go. Now I will not have to worry about it and be able to enjoy my spring break! (From school that it is)

While Jake and I both mentally prepare for his second round of chemo this Thursday, we continue to be blown away by all of the prayers, love and support we continue to receive from everyone! Thank you.


4 thoughts on “My Three Joys

  1. I can hardly wait to make the Broccoli have awesome recipes..and not just food but
    a quote from the move “NoReservations ” she is a chef..and her thera[ist say’s
    the best recipes are the ones we make ourselves……You are proof angel for
    Recipe for Living With faith ~keep it up……………xo love you………..

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