Homemade Laundry Soap

It only took having it on my monthly goals for two months straight before it was accomplished, but it is done! I found this recipe sometime last year and told myself I was bound to switch us over, but just never made the commitment, until now.

This recipe is super easy and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. The breakdown:

Purchased from Alice.com

4.29 Borax

2.99 Super washing soda

Purchased from Amazon.com

4.39 Fels-Napatha bar

You can easily find these items at local stores, but I love to shop online and it was actually cheaper than what I had been pricing out.

Step 1: Using a grater, shred the Fels-Naptha bar.

Step 2: Scoop one cup of of Borax and one cup of Washing Soda into a container with the shredded Fels-Naptha bar and mix.


Step 3: Use one tablespoon of this mix in your laundry and give yourself a pat on the back for being super smart money-wise and for going green!

I will admit, the Fels-Naptha has a very distinct, yet intriguing smell to it that softens in the wash and leaves our clothes smelling super clean and fresh. I still have more than enough of the washing soda and borax left to make several more batches of this soap. I may even switch it up next time and try a bar of ivory soap in place of the Fels-Naptha.

**I have recently stopped using household cleaners and have been addicted to my spray bottle with water and vinegar. I recently stumbled upon this sweet website that has recipes for vinegar with fun scents as well as uses for borax. I will keep you posted as I add more “green” cleaning supplies to our growing list. (And by growing I mean two) 🙂


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