My Three Joys

Happy Sunday! And what a beautiful Sunday it has been. After having a couple of days with some um, shall we say mini-meltdowns, I was pleasantly surprised to have a highly productive and emotionally stable day. AND I was able to catch up with a good friend this afternoon. Let’s hope these good spirits and motivation carry me through this busy busy work week and ploughing through some homework assignments.

Number One:

HUNGER GAMES! I know, I know, EVERYONE and their grandmother is talking about this trilogy these days. I have to say though that I was in love with the trilogy way before they became mainstream popular. Back in November 2010 Jake and I drove out to Denver, CO and for our drive, he purchased a little book on CD called the Hunger Games. I read the synopsis on the back and thought, well, it sounds okay. Twenty minutes in and we were HOOKED! Jake and I listened non-stop to the book and couldn’t get enough.

So, you can guess my excitement when I heard that they were turning the book into a movie. I had already finished Mockingjay and was going through Katniss withdrawls.

Jake, his mother Sarah and I made it out yesterday afternoon to enjoy Katniss Everdeen and District 12’s male tribute, Peeta. I have to say the movie truly did live up to expectations and stayed fairly true to the book. Now I have to wait until the next three movies are out. I may just have to read the series again.  Oh and if you haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence in action before, I highly suggest you check out Winter’s Bone. (Warning-not a movie for the faint of heart).

Number Two and Three

Me: Take a picture with me.

Jake: Why

Me: For Joyful Girl

Jake: Why

Me: You will see

I could go on and on about how much I love my husband and how thankful I am for him, but I am fairly certain all of you know that. What some of you may not know is that in spite of how crummy he can be feeling or how exhausted he may be, he never ever forgets to ask me how I am doing or tell me that he loves me, gives me his shoulder to cry on, listens to me vent and makes me laugh until my face and sides hurt.

One lucky girl I am.


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