Round Three

Time has caught up with me again and we are back at MOHA (Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates) at Mercy. I have to say that the nurses are wonderful and Jake and I really appreciate their conversation, willingness to let us video record and answering any questions.

Today a dietician came in to speak with us about what we have been eating and answer any questions. It was good to speak with a professional about the foods we have been incorporating into our diet and what foods will continue to be beneficial to Jake. She gave us an all natural laxative recipe that I plan to make tomorrow for Jake as well as let me borrow three different cookbooks for healthy meal ideas. WHOOHOO!

I am happy to report that I finished one of my March goals and was able to read  “Help Me Live: 20 things people with cancer want you to know”. 


I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed reading this book and the stories within. Lori Hope does a wonderful job sharing her personal experiences, along with the experiences of others on what we as caregivers, friends, family, etc can do and/or say to those who are making their way through chemotherapy and the rigorous schedule it entails. I hope in the near future to highlight a couple of these messages as I think they are important for all to know.

While I realize complaining is not productive, I have one I need to share.

Prior to Jake’s first round of chemo we were approached by the financial lady at our clinic. She ushered us into her small office and started talking about the bills we were racking up and what our plans were to pay for them. You can imagine how off kilter my emotions were that day and speaking to us about medical bills was perhaps not the wisest thing to do. I had just figured things out in my head in regards to how our insurance works and what we needed to pay, but then she starts throwing in terms I am not familiar with and what we are responsible for. UGH. I’m not really sure how that meeting ended other than me leaving frustrated and wondering why in the world would you approach someone who is just about to have chemo for the first time like that?!

Well, two chemo treatments later, it happened again. Just as Jake and I sat down in the waiting room, she approached us and ushered us into her office. Without any pleasantries or buffering, she immediately began talking about our insurance and medical bills and balance at the clinic. In the middle of this disjointed discussion, she answered her phone and began speaking with someone.  When she got off the phone I told her I was a little confused as we had been receiving bills in the mail and we had a system for getting them paid. It took me a good five or so minutes to realize that she was talking solely about the clinic bills and that the bills at our house may not be those bills. She then told us that we were responsible to pay “x” amount today. We were then told that the remainder of our balance needed to be paid within six months and that each month was “x” amount. Once again my emotions were not in there right place and I was in disbelief over how she approached us and her confusing way of explaining things.  You can imagine my non-verbal cues and that it took me a couple of minutes to collect my thoughts so I didn’t say something I regretted.

My complaint is not about the medical bills or the money to be paid, but about her  lack of grace and fluidity in the conversation. Now don’t get me wrong, this woman didn’t come at us with a nasty tone, but seriously lacks skills in speaking to someone about their financies and bills, which is her job. While I like to think of myself as a mentally sound person and able to figure things out rather quickly, I could not get over the fact that she had very little tact or ability to explain things in a way that made any sense. I cannot help but wonder how someone with no support with them could handle information the way she presented it.

As  you can tell this hit a very sore spot with me and I cannot exactly pinpoint why. I like to think of myself as having a little grace and finisse when speaking with others (most of the time) and this woman missed that training altogether. I am probably being rather harsh, but there is not point in not being honest with myself and others.

With that being said, this event happened yesterday and I have since been able to move on. Jake and I just got home from chemo and he has found himself sound asleep in bed. I myself plan to zone out a little in front of the TV watching 90210 before tackling the laundry and other necessary chores around the house.


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