My Three Joys

It’s funny how time is now tracked by what week it is in terms Jake’s chemotherapy. His chemo appointments are on Thursdays and thus sets out what the following week is going to look like. That Friday and Saturday after chemo he feels okay, but more fatigued and has trouble staying up past 9 pm. Some nights I go to bed at the same time, other nights I am compelled to catch up on the newest 90210. Addicted is all I can say.

Saturday night is when he really starts to feel like crap with the fatigue, nausea, mouth/jaw/throat starting to hurt and not too much of an appetite. The past two rounds this has lasted until the following Thursday. Most of his side effects, aside from the on-and-off nausea and fatigue seem to fade away and we are able to do a little bit more and he more of a healthy appetite.

On Jake’s “on”weeks I have been blessed to have a very understanding job and am able to take those Thursdays off and work from home on that Friday to be around the house for Jake.

It is hard to believe that a month has gone by since Jake’s diagnosis and that he has already had three rounds of chemo. On the other hand- it is hard to believe he has only had three rounds of chemo with at least five more to go. Jake would agree with me on this one in that will be the first summer we want to see come and go.

I will be honest in that this past month has pushed me to exhaustion on several occasions both mentally and physically. But, it has also helped me realize how thankful I am for everything I have. Jake and I continue to have a very strong relationship and have grown so much from what we are going through. The love and support we have from our church, family and friends continues to be a blessing and we are eternally grateful.

Last week I thankfully had another week of classes off, but not any further ahead where I thought I would be with school work. I was hopeful I would take advantage of that free time, but instead indulged in being at home with Jake. And I am totally okay with that. 😉

Number One:

Friday afternoon I was able to catch up with my good friend Kelly for a few hours and I cannot express how good it felt to have a really good conversation with her. Kelly is the person who introduced Jake and I to one another. She had been trying to play matchmaker for a good two months prior to me finally taking her up on one of her numerous offers to hang out with her and Jake. Our relationship has grown from one of working together to one of hanging out as a group of three to finding our way as friends without work and Jake.

Number Two:

Sunday was Faith Lutheran’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and Service Project for the children of our ministry. The Growing Families of Faith Ministry team did a fantastic job of planning and organizing this event and it was a huge success! The younger children were able to have a little fun with games, a craft and an Easter Egg Hunt. The older children enjoyed their time decorating sugar cookies, dying hardboiled eggs and making breakfast casseroles. The eggs and casseroles are going to be given to the Salavation Army to help feed the homeless.

I continue to love my job as the Coordinator of Children and Family Ministries, and love how amazing our church is in supporting our community!

Number Three:

As some of you may be aware I recently turned 31 and Jake 28. I am not ashamed of this age, not in the least and actually revel in knowing that I am growing older and wiser. 😉 I also take great delight in knowing that with age comes the ability to be okay with who I am and the things that I do. For example. Friday night Jake and I were being super lazy and really wanted to get a blizzard from DQ. Around 9:30 pm we both got ourselves out the door and drove to our nearest DQ. I laughed and commented to Jake that I love that we are totally comfortable wearing sweats to DQ on a Friday night. (I think a comment was also made about how when I was younger I would have been getting ready to head out on the town for the night.)  This comment was in reference to my “amazon” hair, no make and the dingy sweats I was super comfy in. Jake was also sporting some sweats. (Which by the way, up until he started having chemo treatments  Jake wouldn’t even think about going out in public in sweats.)

Randomly as we were in DQ, we also saw another couple getting blizzards in the same condition we were in.  Jake made a comment to them about how great it was to see another couple out in sweats on a Friday night. They laughed and said that it was great.

My point is this: I don’t always have to have my hair straigtened, don’t always have to be wearing make-up, or wearing nicer clothes for me to be comfortable with who I am or what I am doing. I love being 31, going out to DQ on a Friday night in my sweats and home with Jake. (I am super cheesy, I know!)

Have a wonderful week and be sure to check back in the next day or so to find out how I did on my March goals and find out my April goals!


4 thoughts on “My Three Joys

  1. Ladies you have arrived into ” the new phase of being ok with being ok.”..”..I went out to store today .sans-make-upHair amuck ‘. A good hat and trench coat , always helps and some lipstick…Lol..On a serious note** so happy that you are able to deal with all of this..of course you are sometimes overwelmed ,and understand you get over-welmed and tired yourself..You are AMAZING ~ angek

    Keep Up the good and positive attitude ,much love ,prayers and support 🙂

  2. At your age you look good in most anything. Really. You just truly don’t know how good you look!Never understood the saying “Youth is wasted on the young” but now it makes sense. haha

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