March Winds, April Showers

I’m just going to throw this out there.

I  haven’t been doing so hot on the whole goal-achieving-thing these past two months.  I have great intentions, but then I find myself wrapped up in a bazillon other things and not really thinking about what I set out to do at the beginning of the month.  I love the process of setting the goals and imagining me doing them in the month, but somewhere after that, they get lost.

With that being said, I do not have any intentions of stopping and can only strive to meet them each month.

A little recap of March Goals:

1. No Fried Foods.

Welp, only lasted a good five days and then let fried food slip back in.  I can proudly say that I didn’t eat any fast food meals, but did enjoy some buffalo wings and chips a time or two.

2. Make homemade laundry soap. Success!

 Jake and I have been using it for the past couple of weeks and love it. It is such a good feeling  knowing that we aren’t using any harsh chemicals in our clothing. 

3. Start and finish “Help Me Live: 20 things people with cancer want you to know”.  Success! 

I really enjoyed reading this book and believe it has a lot of insightful stories and words of wisdom to share with those who know someone with cancer.

4. Post one new recipe a week from our cancer-fighting kitchen cookbook.

Well, two out of four weeks recipes were posted. Almond Muffin Mania – a MUST make and Creamy Broccoli Potato Soup. There are SO many good recipes and I have been making a new one each week, but struggling with finding the time to post them. Hopefully April will bring more than March did.

5. Turn my cell phone off every Sunday after church until I go to bed.

A big flop. Oh I wanted to do this each Sunday so badly, but just didn’t. No excuses. I will say though that I have become more aware of how often I am checking my phone and try to keep it in my purse while I am at home.  It feels nice not reaching to look at it every couple of minutes.

With March here and gone, I can only wish April the best!

April Goals

1.  Read at least four out of five nights before bed.

I find myself fluctuating between reading before bed and not. After I finished reading Help Me Live, I found myself bringing my computer to bed or messing around on my phone more than reading.  My hope is that this month I will get back into the habit of reading before bed.

2. Start and Finish “Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients” by Dr. Blaylock.

Jake and I were turned on to Dr. Blaylock by our landlord. A couple of weeks ago Bob was telling us about an article in the  Blaylock Wellness Report about curcumin and its benefits to cancer patients.  At the time, Jake and I didn’t think much about it until Bob brought the article over for us to read. Jake and I were amazed at the benefits this supplement has to offer and promptly went to the Vitamin Shoppe to purchase a bottle of the capsules.  As Jake did more research on Dr. Blaylock, he came across the above book and ordered it. As Jake was thanking Bob for introducing Dr. Blaylock to us, Bob told us that he had actually bought the book for us and it was at our house.

Long story long, our landlord is amazing (a true blessing), the book is in our hands and I  am super excited to get cracking. I cannot wait to learn more about what we can do naturally to help attack those cancer cells!

3. Go to bed before 10:30 every week night. Oy Vey!

I have been staying up WAY too late this past month and it has got to stop. It has created a whole new level of trouble falling asleep, trouble getting up in the morning, drinking too much caffeine in the day then only for me to repeat all over again. My hope is that I can stop this cycle with making sure I get at least another hour of sleep each night.

4. Clean my car. 

One would think this is so simple and easy, but apparently I have been unable to commit myself to getting this done for over a month. And I am not talking about taking my car to the car wash and driving it though…I am talking about cleaning it out, wiping it down, vacuuming and making it sparkle inside and out. For some reason I have no troubles keeping my house clean (for the most part), but I struggle with keeping my car looking good.

5. Drink two nalgene bottles of water a day. 

I have been awful about drinking enough water every day. Some days I do really well and then other days, not so much. My body does not thank me for this at all. Most mornings I have no trouble drinking water as I am sweating my butt off to Insanity, but more days than I like to admit, it stops there.  I can usually tell those days when I don’t drink enough water as I am guzzling it in the middle of the night.

Well, I am gearing up knowing that April is going to be a beast of a month. Easter weekend is approaching and Jake and I have things planned for every weekend this month. Not to mention school is wrapping up and I have a ton of assignments to work on. I am hopeful that making myself go to sleep earlier, drinking enough water and my continued perseverance with Insanity will keep me sane!


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