My Three Joys

I have to say that today was a beautiful day to end my week. For the first time in a really long time I finally feel like I was able to put a good dent in my homework. Such a good feeling. (Insert: HUGE smile on my face). Not only was getting homework tackled a great success, but I had some great joys that brought love to my heart this week.

Number One:

I love Easter. I always have. When we were little my stepmom would put together these huge Easer baskets that usually contained something we were interested in at the time and a hollow chocolate bunny. It was my and Fred’s job to find the jelly beans, candy and dyed hard-boiled eggs hidden around the house. I am not exactly sure when the Easter baskets stopped, but if memory serves me correctly it was probably my last year in college. It’s fun thinking about those baskets.

As I look back though, I realize that the only thing I do remember are those Easter baskets and finding the candy. I wish I could say that I remember getting excited for a new Easter dress, going to church or having a certain tradition, but I don’t. It makes my heart skip a little beat when Jake and I talk about and know that our children will look forward to not only having those same fun memories of the Easter baskets, but also having those traditions of picking out Easter outfits, spending time with family, and knowing the true meaning of Easter.

This morning Jake and I were able to attend service together, which was a nice treat as it doesn’t happen often with both of us working. Faith was absolutely beautiful with all of the spring flowers adorning the alter. Seeing all of my little KICK kids dressed up in their Easter outfits and on their best behaviors during worship brought huge smiles to my face. Worship was perfect and truly sang to my heart. The sounds of the organ, chimes, horns and choir was unbelievably peaceful and uplifting to my soul.

After worship, Jake’s family and I headed out to Bravo for Sunday Brunch. I was able to take some photos on my iPhone and play around with Instagram. I have had the app on my phone for ages, but never really got in to using it, until today.

I absolutely love this picture.

Jake’s brother Joe and his girlfriend Ani.

Jake working on the Sunday crossword puzzle.

And us!

Not too bad for a Sunday morning out!

Number Two:

Earlier this week I received this package from my friend Kim in Colorado.

It was filled to the brim with homemade scones, cookies, an assortment of dried fruits, chocolate bars, almond meal and almond meal pancake mix.

But the best part was the hand written letter from Kim.

This care package came at such perfect timing. I had been having a down day and came home to rest for a little bit. I couldn’t help but thank God for having that letter in my hands at what seemed like the most perfect moment. I have known Kim for over six years and we used to spend a lot of time together when I lived in Denver. Reading that letter front to back filled with such sweet and kind words certainly lifted my heart that day. Thank you Kim!

Number Three:

Last night Jake and I had our friends Tom and Sarah down from Ames for dinner. I sadly did not take any pictures and kicking myself for it. I can tell you that the pictures would have been of us grilling tasty food, drinking delicious wine, and laughing hysterically while playing Scattergories. It was a long overdue friends night and it was really good to catch up with them.  In those moments, life seems really simple and normal and that feels good.

Well, it is a little over my new bedtime and I need to get my beauty sleep for Insanity bright and early. I hope everyone found some joy in their week and has an even better week coming up!


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