Some Random Thoughts

1. Why in the world is El Fredo Pizza not in Des Moines?

Wouldn’t this,

and this,

be devine right now?  I do believe so.

2.  I really wish Klaus and Dietrich could make me dinner. I think they would be hysterical in the kitchen.

I really need to figure out how to make this possible.

3. I have spent entirely WAY too much time on this lesson plan assignment. #gradschoolproblems

4.  I am almost out of Pinot Noir which makes me a. really sad and b. my homework that much more difficult to work on.

5. I have really been into hashtags lately. Refer to #3

6.  Watching the Notebook sounds like a perfect way to spend my Sunday evening. I hope Jake agrees when he gets home from church. #wishfulthinking

7. I really need to work on my Insanity and P90x hybrid workout so that I can start tomorrow.

8. Thinking I really need to get back to #3 even though I have spent upwards of 7 hours in total on it.


One thought on “Some Random Thoughts

  1. You are too funny! Maybe have the cats join you in a little Pinot Noir and they will volunteer to make dinner tonight hmmm…send pics plz!

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