My Three Joys- Some R&R

Last week went by in a blur and I was sad to see it go.

Number One:

Last Tuesday morning I gleefully observed a kindergarten classroom at Crestview Elementary.  I could not get the smile off my face and had SO much fun with the kindies. A friend of mine gave me this wonderful opportunity to come in and see how her students go about their morning routine and learn a little bit more about what I want to be doing when I am done with grad school. Robin has been a kindergartner teacher for 11 years and prior to that worked with Special Education children. I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity with an amazing woman and cannot wait to work in her classroom next fall for my practicum!

Number Two:

I hate to admit this, but I have really been struggling with my Starbucks addiction lately. Years ago, 9 years to be exact, I was introduced to Starbucks when living in Colorado and have had a love/hate relationship with them ever since. I found myself frequenting their coffee shops on and off while living in Denver, but always felt my want was under control.

When I moved to Des Moines over three years ago I gave up going to Starbucks and stuck to my hot and iced tea from home. When I met Jake however, I quickly learned he had a tiny addiction to coffee and made going to Starbucks and/or Caribou a daily routine. After spending some significant time with him, I couldn’t help but find myself wrapped up in Starbucks delight. I have never truly enjoyed coffe, but have taken much pleasure in the fror-frou drinks of vanilla and pumpkin spiced lattes and caramel macchiatos. Jake quickly introduced me to the double shots on ice and now all I hear myself saying is, “tall double shot on ice, sub vanilla add cream”.

Highly addictive, absolutely delectable.

Well, my addiction has grown to frequenting their stores at least 4, if not 5 (embarrassingly 6) times a week. Ridiculous I know. Not to mention, eating a huge hole into my monthly allowance. I realized a couple of weeks ago it needed to stop and so I decided to end my almost daily trips to Starbucks. This wasn’t entirely a difficult decision as I have been having some run-ins of poorly made drinks which just makes things that much worse. I am happy to report that last week I only made one trip to Starbucks and it felt great!

I have decided to cut back tremendously and to be more aware of how much Starbucks money I am spending. In efforts to help me curb this addiction, I stocked up on freshly ground coffee beans, vanilla syrup and almond milk. Making cold press coffee drinks each morning has been delightful and treating my bank account very well.

Number Three:

A couple of months ago our good friends Brandon and Abbey invited Jake and I to their family farmhouse for some rest and relaxation. The only rule, I could not help with any meal preparation or clean up. It was a hard sell, but took all but one second to say, YES please!

This past Thursday Jake and I were finally able take a nice little drive up north and found ourselves in stress-free heaven.

As we drove up the drive to the farmhouse, I quickly fell in love. Brandon’s grandparents lived in the home for several decades with his mother growing up there. The farmhouse is now used by his family members for holidays and getaways just like this. I was in awe of all of the wonderful photographs around the house and of all the antiques found in every nook and cranny in the home.

I cannot express how unbelievably well I slept those two evenings. I have a small inkling that it had a little something to do with the heavy curtains making the room a total blackout, but most likely due to a little Mr. Klaus not trampling all over my body at all hours of the night. 😉

Friday morning Jake and I were up early to eat a hearty breakfast and then to do some exploring of the farm and river. Unbelievably, breathtakingly beautiful.

Back at the house I spent some significant time on homework…

and  reading my new Stephen King book 11/22/63…

Jake was able to take a peaceful two hour nap and play an impromptu game of disc golf…

Our meals were enjoyed in the quaint little kitchen. Abbey and Brandon outdid themselves with delicious home cooked meals. We certainly did not eat healthy by any means, but hey, when you are relaxing, whose really counting those seven mini Twix bars you consumed? 😉

Friday night Jake and I read a little more and enjoyed a nice bonfire by the river.

Those two days were exactly what my heart, mind, body and soul needed to restrengthen my spirits for the upcoming months.

Abbey and Brandon were wonderful hosts and I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity. It really was a great time-out from the craziness that has consumed Jake and I these past couple of months. It really put things into perspective and makes me more aware of time spent with myself, with Jake and how wonderful life is without technology.

Thanks Brandon and Abbey!


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