My Three Joys

Last year at this time I had just ended a weekend filled with fun girl time celebrating my upcoming wedding. It is hard to believe that in two weeks from today Jake and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary!

I remember feeling overwhelmed with joy at our wedding surrounded with so many beautiful people.  And I love that it never stops. 🙂

Number One:

Thursday evening my bestie Michelle came to town to visit Jake and I prior to meeting up with her family. I unfortunately had class Thursday night, but left Jake and Michelle to their own devices. I come home to the kitchen cleaned and the both of them wildly enjoying “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. One of Jake’s favorite movies and I am sure he was in seventh heaven being able to watch it.

Friday morning Jake and I were up early to enjoy an almond creme butter braid (if you haven’t had one of these yet, I highly recommend them) and then off to his fifth round of chemo. After Jake’s chemo, we were able to meet up with Michelle’s dad and siblings as they were all in town for an event later that evening. I have known Michelle’s family for over ten years now and it is SO good when I am able to see them.  We enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at South Union Bread Company and then headed outside for an obligated photo.

Love, love, love this family!

Number Two:

As I mentioned last week, I am laying off the Starbucks and am happy to report I went another week with only one trip. And that one trip produced a nasty tasting double shot on ice which was so bad I couldn’t even finish it. Truly sad, but a great reminder of why I am cutting back.

I with my new found motivation to cut back on Starbucks, I also decided last week to try and give up drinking soda. HUGE, I know. I have attempted this a few times in life and have only been able to get past two weeks before I begin to crack. I for some reason, unbeknown  to me, have lost that love for the taste. The past couple of weeks soda hasn’t tasted that great and I have been more aware of how it made me feel. I am happy to report that my last soda drink was last Wednesday and so far I have been doing very well. On Thursday my classmate introduced me to these tasty drinks…


and they have been a great substitute. I don’t have that icky feeling after drinking soda, certainly do not have that mid-day crash and overall feel better. I do realize Sparkling Ice contains an artificial sweetener, but a lot better choice than soda in my opinion. Wish me luck!

Number Three: 

This past Wednesday, Faith Lutheran’s  Wednesday night Faith night had it’s last evening classes and Sunday had it’s last KICK classes until the next school year. Bittersweet for sure. I have grown quite fond of my little kids during those Wednesday and Sunday classes and truly enjoy their smiles and sharing of God’s love. With the ending of the Sunday classes means Jake and I can sleep in a little on Sunday mornings and go to worship together, which is always a nice treat.

Next up for KICK is the Adventures on Promise Island Vacation Bible Camp coming up June 10th through the 15th. I was able to help volunteer a couple of nights last year and extremely excited to be a part of the planning and experience for the littles this year!

As always, this past week was great. With the great things however came the tough moments. Jake’s round of chemo was rough on his body this time and there really wasn’t any down time before the side effects kicked in.   We are continuing to take one day at a time and looking always looking forward to those things that bring us joy, such as….

NHS (North High School) Girls Weekend 2012 in Omaha! This upcoming weekend I will be joining five of my high school girlfriends for a fun-filled weekend with lots of wine, good food, wonderful laughs and no responsibility. C.A.N.N.O.T. Wait!

Have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “My Three Joys

  1. Say hi to the NHS girls for me! 🙂 Think about you both daily! Enjoy each & every moment Libby (as I already know you do). Hugs!

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