My Three Joys- NHS Girl’s Weekend 2012

It finally arrived! North High School (NHS) ’99 Girls Weekend. I had been counting down the days for months. Literally months. This weekend couldn’t have come at a better time either. Classes were in their last week and life was reaching its peak of maximum capacity. I couldn’t think of a better way to decompress. 🙂

Michelle came down Thursday evening to spend some time with Jake and I before we headed over to Omaha on Friday morning. The weather was beautiful and I was bouncing  out of my mind for the excitement to ensue.  The drive passed by quickly and we were soon at Jayna’s house… and greeted with gifts!

Filled with goodies!

And of course the annual pj pants capri’s from Michelle!

Michelle gave out the first annual hostess gift. Hysterical. 🙂

While we were waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive, Jayna, Michelle and I headed out to Whole Foods to get some supplies for the evening. All I can say is I am going to be in BIG trouble when they open their store in Des Moines. I could have spent HOURS in there. It was extremely difficult not to do my weekly shopping because there where way too many delicious foods.

Oh and I can’t forget the mini cupcake I just had to have. Yummy!

With the fridge stocked, it was time to sit back, relax and have a few drinks.

As soon as everyone arrived we sat down for a delicious grilled dinner and carried on the night with many laughs and great conversations.

And of course we had to make fun of Caron and her cd collection! I could not believe how many cd’s she had!

And you can’t forget the obligatory pj capri picture. 🙂 We are way too girly and I love it!

After a good nights sleep without Klausie pouncing all over me and trying out my new eye mask, Sadie’s monkey bread was the perfect breakfast.

Along with coffee and tea in our new mugs.

Super good to wake up and be lazy.

We then headed out to the farmers market in Old Market.

It isn’t quite as fabulous as the Des Moines Farmer’s Market…

but still just as fun!

Lunch and cold drinks were in order after walking around in the 80+ degree heat!

We then headed back to Jayna’s for a restful afternoon. As conversation moved toward high school memories, Jayna pulled out her scrapbooks she made in high school! We couldn’t believe it. Jayna cut out and kept every newspaper article about North High School, complete with photographs. Heading down memory lane was hilarious and held many moments of laughter that made my sides hurts.  I still can’t believe it has been over ten years since we graduated.

After taking a stroll down memory lane and some down time, we started to get ready for dinner. I had  almost forgotten how much fun it is getting ready with other girls. Putting on make-up, helping pick out outfits and accessories and lots of laughs in-between.

On our way out the door.

My lovely girls.

We headed out to Rojas, a super delish mexican restaurant in Omaha, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. (I of course was having way too much fun to take any pictures of our meals out this weekend.)

Apparently there was a mustache party later that night, but I missed it. We got home from dinner around 9 and by 10 I was in pj’s and falling asleep on the couch. It was perfect.

Our girls weekend went by way too fast and I was sad to see it go. There is just something about spending a weekend away from the everyday life and being surround by good friends. Friends who have been by your side during your worst, celebrated your best and love you no matter what. Jayna, Michelle, Mandy, Caron and Sadie are amazing women and  I could not ask for better friends. I am so very thankful and blessed that we make sure to take time out of our busy lives to spend time with one another.

We have already started planning for next year’s girls weekend and agreed that two days is just not enough time. The tentative plans are next June in Denver and I am already looking forward to being back in my old stomping grounds.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “My Three Joys- NHS Girl’s Weekend 2012

  1. It is so much fun to read Joyful Girl’s blog about GW Omaha and it so made me miss you ladies all over again! The pictures you took are so good Libby Loo 🙂 Our little group is pretty special to have been friends for nearly 20 years, love you.

  2. Thanks Jayna B… you were a wonderful host and I love your gift you received. Your laugh is priceless… PS I miss Princess. She is just so sweet and tiny.

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