My Three Joys- Dad’s Visit

School’s out for summer!

…. Oh wait, only three weeks for me, but hey, I will take it! I finished up finals this week and passed with flying colors!

And what better way to celebrate than having my dad in town for the weekend!

Friday night my dad treated Jake and I to Racoon River Brewery. Sadly no pictures were taken, but it was great to sit down, enjoy a good meal and catch up with my dad. At dinner my dad was telling us about actress Barbra Stanwyck’s movies and we were intriuged. We found The Lady Eve on Netflix when we got home and settled in the for the night.

Saturday morning my dad and I let Jake sleep in and we headed down to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. Only being the second weekend open, it was  jam-packed. I was extremely impressed with how much it has grown from just last year.

First stop…

Farm Boys Hearty Food Co. Breakfast Burrito stand! An absolute must at the farmer’s market.

My dad and I got in line and were a little worried at how long it would take. To our surprise the line was super quick and extremely organized. Not to mention absolutely delicious!

After walking around and checking out the Templeton Rye booth, and a couple of jewerly booths, I just had to stop by the famous Carefree Patisserie booth. Jake and I had these mouth-watering cupcakes at our wedding and I was craving their sweet flavor bursts.

Those cookies and cream cupcakes were just calling my name. I picked one up that Jake and I split later that day.


The weather was perfect and a great morning for a refreshing smoothie from Fresh. Never heard of them before, but certainly glad I checked them out.

Two strawberry-banana-apple juice smoothies coming right up!

We hit up the Maytag, Milton Creamery and Big Sky Bread Bakery booths before we headed out. I was a little lost without Great Harvest Company around this year and saddened by their closing in our city. But nonetheless, a successful day at the market!

After waiting — no-joke — over thirty minutes in the parking ramp (lesson learned there) my dad and I swung by my house to pick up Jake. We headed out to Home Depot to get our supplies for our container garden. My dad was super prepared by having brought a gardening magazine that had a fabulous article about container gardening.

Our plants came home super healthy and I was extremely excited to grow a garden.

I definitely got a little dirty…

but had a lot of fun!

My gorgeous basil plant,

super fresh cilantro,

along with our tomato, jalapeno and banana pepper plants.

And of course catnip for Kluas and Dietrich. 😉

Our planting party was a success! Putting together the container garden was super easy and I really hope that with some TLC these healthy plants continue to grow and produce some fresh goodies!

Saturday afternoon when my dad suggested bowling, Jake and I were all over it!  Jake and I used to go bowling quite a bit when we were first dating, but haven’t been in several months. But nothing compared to my dad who hasn’t been in over 20 years. What a blast!

Later that evening my dad pulled out his backgammon board he brought from home and we played several games out on our porch.  I remember my dad teaching Fred and I how to play when we were in really little and how much I loved the game. I still play every so often on Yahoo games but it has been ages since I played with a live person.

My dad and I hadn’t played together in years and it was really fun to see how we matched up against one another. I love the strategy that goes into the game and elated to see I still got it.  After a few games with one another, we taught Jake how to play and he loved playing too!

Saturday night we enjoyed a smoked beef brisket, brussel sprouts, baked beans and coleslaw. Bellies full, we vegged out on the couch and were in bed by 10:30 pm. A perfect way to end our busy day.

Sunday morning my dad treated Jake and I to brunch at Jethro’s. I really wish I would have taken pictures of our meals because it was phenomenal. I will be the first to admit I was a little skeptical of Jethro’s having a good breakfast, but man, it was the best breakfast I had eaten out in a long time. Their buttermilk pancakes were perfection.

After brunch it was time to say goodbye to my dad and I’m not going to lie, it was a little difficult. Tears shed and all.

I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like to so having him in our home was wonderful. Despite feeling like crud all weekend, Jake was able to join us in some fun. My heart is full of love.


9 thoughts on “My Three Joys- Dad’s Visit

  1. Love It…THe best “Mothers Day” gift is to know you had” such special time with your dad.”You needed that angel and “John”.He is an amazing Father.for which I am very grateful and .Thank you John for being with our daughter..Your garden and his skills (he is great with plants as I remember so
    it will be great. and will be wonderful to see everything grow ,glad you had fun ………….Love mom

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog looking for pictures of the Farm Boys Hearty Food Tent, you are the only one who has some really great pics of the tent up in action, I work for the company that made that tent, and we always love to see them being used. By any chance, do you have larger size pics that you could email me, so we can feature on our website? Thanks so much!

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