My Three Joys

Life here in the Bouma household continues to plug away. Klaus and Dietrich continue to keep us entertained and keep us smiling.

Jake posted his latest treatment update that provides an update on the last round of chemo and the days after. It’s hard to believe his seventh treatment is already on Friday. It seems like just yesterday we were at MOHA and he was getting his sixth treatment. Time flies, but in this case, I am thankful for that. 😉

This past week was splendid in that I enjoyed a week with no school. I only have another week and a half until I am back in full swing of it all, so I am trying to enjoy each day without school as much as I can.  As much as I love having the time off from school, I will admit it was a little difficult for me to truly relax as I like to be busy. It did take a little time adjusting, but I am doing just fine now. 😉

Along with the relaxation, this past week provided some big and small joys that I continue to be thankful for.

Number One:


Jake and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Monday! Unfortunately Jake felt pretty crappy, so we weren’t able to go out and celebrate, but did enjoy a nice quiet evening at home. After devouring a delicious pizza from ElFredo’s, we cracked opened up a bottle of sparkling grape juice and ate some of our wedding cupcake that we froze for this very occasion.  It truly was nice to being in pj’s by 5:30 pm and not having a single commitment that day other than to be with one another.


Number Two:

Thursday night Jake and I headed over to The Ullestad’s house for a little grill-out. Erik and Allison, Anna, Isaac and Evan have been good family friends and it was super good to spend the evening with them.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a grill-out and enjoying time in their huge backyard. Jake and I took the Flip camera and got some good video of us playing outside. Oh, and video of me being a scaredy-cat  to jump off of their tree house on the tree swing. Hilarious and pathetic at the same time.  You can check it out here. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Erik a month or so after Jake and I started dating and have been extremly thankful for him and his family ever since. Erik informed us a few months back that he was going to run the Dam to Dam on June 2nd to help raise money for our medical expenses. Ten percent of those donations will go the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society as well.  Jake and I are truly blessed to have Erik and his family in our lives and cannot thank him enough for his support. For more information, check out Erik’s blog here.

Number Three:

Sometimes it truly is the small things that brings me great joy. For the past three months I have been putting off filling out my candidacy petition and knew it had to get done before June. Basically this is an application to graduate with my Masters of Science in Teaching degree and outlines my classes until I graduate. I knew going in to working on it that it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was a little more frustrating than I expected. Long story long, after two hours of some tweets to my professor, a couple of text messages to a classmate and a lot of crossing information out and rechecking classes,  I figured out that I will graduate in the Fall of 2014. While December 2014 seems SO far away, I have come to realize that time flies, especially when you are keeping busy.

With that, I hope all of you had a wonderful week. While Jake and I are not looking forward to his seventh round of chemo on Friday, we are looking forward to the long weekend and being at home with our boys. ( I truly have turned into a pathetic cat lover. But I can’t help it.  🙂


2 thoughts on “My Three Joys

  1. you have been incredibly positve during “this process and giving insight and helping others through your honestly to”others”…………Take care
    of yourself too………………………….so much love you have xo……mom

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