My Three Joys

Number One:

I am happy to report that our good friend, Erik Ullestad survived the Dam to Dam with not only a bum knee, but also with amazing time! Erik informed us a few months ago that he would like to run the Dam to Dam to raise money to go towards our medical expenses. Jake and I could not have been more honored that our good friend was willing to do this for us.

Unfortunately during Erik’s training, an old knee injury came back to haunt him and he was unable to train this past week and it was fairly iffy earlier in the week if he would be able to run at all. But Erik, being the stubborn amazing man that he is, bought a knee brace and plowed through.

Jake and I met up with him at mile 10 a little leery of the condition we would find him in, but true to Erik fashion he was smiling and running along at good speed as he zipped past us. (Watch for Jake’s video at later this week.)

After wishing him well, we quickly jumped in our car and met him at the finish line! I could not be more thankful and proud of Erik and his fervent spirit for completing the race on our behalf and raising money for us.

Number Two:

I was finally able to get Jake out to the Farmer’s Market this year! I say this with such enthusiasum as 1) We didn’t go at all last year, 2) Jake was feeling well enough to walk around through the masses of people on a warm Saturday morning, and 3) It was his idea. 😉

Since we were downtown after after Erik’s race, Jake and I started making our way towards the famous court street and I was giddy all the way. Having been there a couple of week’s prior, I knew a couple of booths I wanted to show Jake and for him to have his first breakfast burrito of the year!

First stop-

Breakfast Burritos!

One with everything please.



Gone.  In a hot minute I might add. 😉

After walking around and burning off some of those calories we happened across one of our favorite Iowa State Fair stops…

Mini Donuts!

I could not resist those warm, sweet, sugar, doughy goodness delights.

With the last stop to pick up my new favorite cheese… Prairie breeze from Milton Creamery. If you like cheese, this is a must try. You can also find it  at Gateway Market. This cheese is perfect paired with Table Water Crackers and dried cheeries.

A perfect Saturday morning. #Love.

Number Three:

Knowing that June is going to be crazy busy for both Jake and I with work and school, we spent as much time as possible together at home this week. We have truly enjoyed catching up on some of our favorite shows, snuggling with Klaus and Dietrich, going on Date night to Cool Basil, playing backgammon, folding our huge mound of laundry, foot rubs and working on our daily crossword puzzles together. 🙂

Well, off to enjoy my last evening of freedom until July. Alarm clock goes off bright and early for my first day of classes tomorrow!


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