June Goals

Well, the month of May goals didn’t shape up exactly has I had planned, but I am okay with that. I tell you, three weeks of complete freedom from school was pure bliss and any additional work outside of my two jobs, Jake and home was just not going to happen. After I got over the initial odd feeling of relaxing, it became easier and easier. 😉

A little wrap up of my May goals:

1.  Set up my garden. Success!

My dad came to visit for a weekend last month and he helped Jake and I put together our container garden. Super excited to see those plants continue to grow! We have already enjoyed the cilantro and basil while Klaus and Dietrich continue to enjoy the catnip. I cannot wait until the tomatoes and peppers start to come in!

2. Complete at least one home project.  Fail.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do any additional house stuff. Maybe this goal will be better suited for July or August when I have more free time.

3. Spend a Sunday prepping freezer friendly meals.  50/50

I wouldn’t say that I spent a Sunday per se fixing freezer friendly meals, but I sure have been stock piling. I made four batches of pizza dough and have been freezing any extra leftovers from meals this past month. It also helped that my dad brought us a ton of food from ElFredo’s to store in our freezer. This food will certainly come handy this month when I won’t even want to think about dinner.

4. Go on at least two walks a week.  Success

My hope was to go on morning and evening walks, but I for some reason cannot find myself to do any sort of exercising in the evenings. But, I was able to get out at least twice every week in the mornings.

5. Make a batch of beef jerky.  Fail. 

Sadly no beef jerky was made this month. No excuses, just not on the list of priorities.  

June Goals

Well as I have alluded to in previous posts, June is going to be crazy-town in the Bouma household. Work, school and church alone are going to keep me spread pretty thin.

It is also happens to be *hopefully* the last time Jake has to endure chemo. Along with that will come a PET scan and our appointment on the 22nd to discuss the plan moving forward. Please keep those prayers coming!

My goals this month are going to be fairly simple.

1. Run at least three times a week.

After watching Erik and all of the runners compete in the Dam to Dam I felt compelled to get back into running. Last August, Jake and I had a little fire lit under our butts to start running and train for the Des Moines Marathon in October. I unfortunately had a pretty bad sprained ankle, but was able to watch Jake as he ran his first 5k. 

Well long story long, Jake and I had a great conversation about running and how much we missed it. We both agreed it would be nice to run the 5k together in October and see how we do. So with that, I will be slowing down a little on my Insanity/P90x workouts, but pumping it up in regards to running. Jake of course will start running once he is feeling back to his normal self.

2. Have one weekend free of Facebook and Twitter (possibly internet altogether).

Yep you read that correctly! Shutting myself off from society. I am not quite sure how I am going to accomplish this one yet, but I am thinking it won’t be too difficult with being in class the last three weekends in June. Well at least that is my logic in theory.

3. Continue pushing the water. Drink at least one Nalgene bottle a day.

I still have my good and bad days. I am going to go back to the basics and start small with drinking at least one Nalgene bottle a day. I think I can handle that.

4. Stay on top of my readings for my classes. 

I know, I know that this shouldn’t necessarily be a goal per se, but if I keep it in mind on a consistent basis, I will be less likely to skip a chapter in my readings or put it off until the last-minute. 

5. Turn off my cell phone after church on Sunday’s. 

An oldie but goodie. Back in March, I had this as a goal and flopped on it big time. I am hoping that I can redeem myself this month.

Having monthly goals has been fun for the last six months and has helped me work towards some things that I am not sure I would have otherwise.
Cheers to a great month of June!

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