July Goals

Hello Cyber friends!

Oh boy has it felt like forever since I have been on here. I am happy to report I survived the month of June. Mind you there were several mini-meltdowns all school and future planning related, but thankfully I had the best support by my side to help me get through the month.

I hope to get back into the swing of things with regular weekly My Three Joy posts and a couple of new recipes  now that I am only taking one class for the month of July.

Here is a recap of June goals.

1. Run at least three times a week.

Success! I have to say that running outside has been great. I run early enough in the morning to avoid this nasty heat that we have going on in Iowa these past couple of weeks, so that helps. 

2. Have one weekend free of Facebook and Twitter (possibly internet altogether).

Boo. Didn’t accomplish this goal. I found myself turning to Facebook and Twitter as a reward after working on my paper or unit plan this month. One of these weekends…

3. Continue pushing the water. Drink at least one Nalgene bottle a day.

Success! I am not sure how I would survive this heat without drinking more water. I have been also drinking a lot of tea which helps. 

4. Stay on top of my readings for my classes. 

50\50 I have to say that for one of my classes I was all over the reading. I felt that if I didn’t read, I wouldn’t be prepared for the mid-term and final. For my other class, well, we did a lot of reading in the  class itself, so I didn’t do much outside of class as far as the readings go. 

5. Turn off my cell phone after church on Sunday’s. 

50/50 I have to say that there were a couple of weekends where my phone was shut off on Sunday. But I have to admit, not every Sunday. But there were also evenings during the week where I turned it off, so maybe that counts a little. 

I am rather pleased with the goals I was able to accomplish in June and look forward to continuing them. Here are my goals for July.

July Goals

1. Go through the the totes I received full of teacher items. 

I had this as my goal in May but didn’t quite get to it. This month I have big plans to go through each tote and figure out what I have and what I want to keep. Super excited about this!

2. Organize front closet. 

This goal goes hand in hand with the first one. Later this month Mandy and I will be taking a trip to St. Paul to visit our friend Michelle. We will also be hitting up Ikea. I cannot wait. I love Ikea and can always find way too many things to purchase. My shopping list will consist of fun items to help me get my front closet organized with all of my school supplies. I also hope to find a fun bookshelf where I can put all of my children’s books that I have already collected.

3. Finish Under the Dome.

I started reading this book back in May and still have two-thirds of it to go. It is a really good book, but I just haven’t been able to get much fun reading done in June. I hope to take some time to set myself up outside (when it isn’t a blazing 100+ degrees) to enjoy the summer air and read.

4. Create a cleaning list.

I am sure I have made it known several times that I love to clean. For me it is not only the look of things being clean, but also a stress reliever. Jake and I have been fortunate enough to have a couple of ladies from our church come once a month to help us with cleaning during Jake’s chemo. Now that they are heading out and time has freed up for me a bit more, I would like to get back into my routine of monthly deep cleans. I feel like having a nice checklist of things that need to be cleaned every couple of months such as our ceiling fan and dusting baseboards will be great to have.

5. Play more games. 

I love playing games. Cribbage, Phase 10, backgammon and pente, just to name a few. I hope now that I have a little free time I can get Jake to join me in playing some of my favorite games. I am also hoping that Michelle and Mandy will be up for playing some as well later this month.

And with that, off to enjoy my day!


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