My Three Joys

Whew… between this ridiculous sweltering hot heat in Iowa, celebrating the Fourth of July and trying to figure out my grad school schedule and endorsements, this week was a doozy. I will say however having only my online class to focus on this week rather delightful.

After a rough night of sleep, I treated myself with a slow-paced morning complete with a plyometrics P90x workout and then devouring a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with veggies, a slice of Ezekiell toast and an iced coffee while writing this blog post.

As always, I have much to be thankful for and the joys that this week brought me.

Number One:

Wednesday morning Jake and I met with his radiologist, Dr. Voynov to discuss and plan for Jake’s radiology. I have to tell you, this office’s staff was wonderful and allowed Jake and I to film his whole planning process. Medicine and technology continue to fascinate me to no end and I am thankful for those who are in this profession. Not to mention a little entertaining watching Jake get his new mask…

The appointment was a great joy to us for a few reasons. Jake officially learned that he can attend the National Youth Gathering trip next week and begin radiation once he returns.  Jake will receive 17-20 treatments, which will be about five weeks. With this news we are now able to plan our “F*** You Goodbye Cancer Trip” which Jake and I are both beyond ready and ecstatic about.

Number Two:

Fourth of July hit us smack dab in the middle of the week. Jake’s good friend Mike flew over from Chicago to spend a few days with us and we were able to enjoy a relaxing Wednesday holiday. As the boys went to see the newest Spiderman movie, I spent some time in the kitchen making the goodies for our grill out later that day.

Some yummy taco dip…

And Pig Pickin’ Cake (recipe to come soon)

I unfortunately was too dang hot and having too much fun with friends to take any more pictures, but just know it was a day well spent. I even got a head start on one of my July goals of playing Scattergories later that evening!

Number Three:

Yesterday my friend Kelly and I went to another Crafternoon at our friend Abbey’s house and it was fabulous. There wasn’t more than four of us, but that was perfect. We were able to actually talk and have some great conversations which is always nice. This Crafternoon’s craft was tile coasters. I had found this craft a few months back and was extremely excited to actually make them.

They turned out fabulous and look even better in our home. Kelly and I loved them so much that we are already planning on making more in the near future!

Directions from Two Girls Being Crafty.

Well I hope that you all had a wonderful Fourth of July week and can enjoy the last day of the weekend. I am off to get some homework done and finish enjoying my Sunday!


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