My Three Joys

And another one bites the dust…

Number One:

A couple of weeks ago Jake received an email from Iowa Public Radio asking if he would be interested in participating in an interview with Charity Nebbe from Talk of Iowa to talk about our documentary. Jake quickly agreed and a week later we found ourselves at the Iowa Public Radio studio here in Des Moines.

I was so nervous waiting…

 Especially when I walked in and saw all the microphones.

What Jake and I didn’t realize is that Charity Nebbe was actually in Iowa City and we would be hearing her and speaking with her through the microphones and on the radio only.

Once we got started, my nerves settled and those forty minutes went by fast.

Jake and I not only had a blast but are extremely thankful to get the word out about our documentary.  In case you missed the interview and are interested in listening, check it out here on IPR!

Number Two:

Big Brother 14 started on Wednesday! If you are anything like me and love Big Brother, you can certainly share my joy about it starting this week. I, along with all of the hard core fans, have been waiting a looooong year for this summer’s season and have not been disappointed thus far. Big Brother is where 12 strangers are picked to live in a house that is rigged with cameras to track their every move while they are secluded from the outside world. Alliances and enemies are created, games are played and the house begins to get good.

The other day Michelle and I were dissecting seasons past and I realized that I have been watching since Season 8! Each season introduces a new fabulous twist and we were trying to figure out what the twist would be this season. Michelle and I follow a blog, Big Brother Dish, and can read all about what is going on at the house when the TV show isn’t airing. The writer of the blog subscribes to the 24 hour live camera feeds and can literally watch every move in the house.

I  thankfully go Jake hooked a couple of summers ago and we are both glued to the TV every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night to watch!

Number Three:

Two books down this week! I have been waiting several months to get into some really good books and finally it happened. Last Sunday I bought the newest book from one of my favorite authors, Chelsea Cain.

Night Season comes after Cain’s first trilogy beginning with Heartsick.  This trilogy tells the story of a police detective trying to catch Gretchen Lowell, a female serial killer.While Night Season features the same detective and previous characters, Gretchen is only mentioned a couple of times.  I was pleased to find out that Cain is slated to release her fifth novel, Kill You Twice in August and it is going to be all about Gretchen Lowell! Kill You Twice is definitely going on my to-read list for our trip in October.

The second book I started and finished this week was one of the best books I have read in a long time.

Ready Player One is set in the future and tells the story about one teen’s quest though a virtual reality world to win the creator’s fortune and inheritance in the company. Not only is the book a crazy world all about living in a virtual world, it has obscene amounts of 80’s references in the book (on purpose), which makes this book even that much better!  Jake read it last week and commented that I might like it.  I picked it up on Thursday night and read from 10:00 pm to 2:30 am last night finishing it because I just couldn’t put it down!

I love reading for fun and thankful for this break from school to have the time. I will be sad when July and August pass and it will be time to hit the school reading again. But I am currently creating my list of to-read books for our October trip, so if you have any suggestions, please pass them along!

Well, off to help Jake pack and spend time with him before he leaves for New Orleans. Have a wonderful week!


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