Some Random Thoughts

1.  I am three days in to Jake being gone and while I enjoy having the house to myself at times, I miss him dearly.

2. Just got done listening to Nadia Bolz-Weber via Live Video Feed.  I am in love. My favorite quote from her keynote address at the gathering tonight was,

“A 100% Sinner and Saint. All the time. ”

or wait, was it,

“This God has never made sense. And you don’t need to either”.


3.  Overjoyed and had tears in my eyes when I recieved this picture this morning.

After 4 months of no hair, my husband finally has a 5 o’clock shadow! #Love

3. Tried out The Other Place restaurant in Clive tonight with my good friend Mandy. Great atmosphere inside, but the food was lacking a bit. Not a fan. ( I will say however it was great back at UNI, but then again I don’t think I was eating too much food when I was there.) I think a lot of it may have to do with the fact that I am spoiled with having ElFredo Pizza in my life.

4. Proud to say I officially started another round of P90x yesterday. I have no doubt I will rock the workouts, its the darn eating healthy thing. Didn’t help that I had pizza for dinner tonight (See #3) but hey, baby steps, right. 😉

5. I truly, deeply love both of my kitties, D-boy and Bubbies (Dietrich and Klaus), but when they want to sit on me when it is 100+ degrees outside and its not much cooler inside, I am not sure my love extends that far.

6. I really should be working on my gigantic to-do list right now, but can’t seem to get myself motivated. Somehow I find other ways to entertain myself. Like reading all about how to make cloth diapers and cloth baby wipes when I don’t even have a baby, nor even close to having one right now!  (But you can be sure I plan to use them when the time comes!)

7. I cannot wait until next Friday when Mandy and I get to take a mini-road trip to St. Paul to visit Michelle! Mini-girls weekend. Ikea, India food, crafts and good old friend time! Cannot wait!

8. Whole Foods opened today in Des Moines. I am super excited, but super sad that I won’t dare to venture there until the middle of September when it isn’t packed full of people. #superlame.


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