August Goals

My oh my, where in the world does time go?! It is hard to believe that July is gone and a full school schedule is just around the corner. July was a HOT and another busy month that didn’t lend to me getting much done on my goal list. Here is a recap:

July Goals

1. Go through the totes I received full of teacher items.  Boo

I couldn’t be more disappointed in myself. I really did plan on getting this done while Jake was NOLA, but it just didn’t happen.

2. Organize front closet. Boo

Well, no excuses here, it just didn’t get done.

3.  Under the Dome. Boo

I tried on this one, I really did. But I got sucked in to reading The Night Season, Ready Player One and The Fault in Our Stars instead. I am not sure I have the motivation to finish this book.

4. Create a cleaning list. Success! 

Whoohoo! I tried cheating and finding a cleaning list online, but not finding what I wanted, I created my own. Basically this list has every room listed and all the cleaning that one can think of such as cleaning the ceiling fans and dusting the blinds and baseboard. The main goal of my cleaning list was to add an every 3 month list so that I am not doing some of those tedious jobs each month when they really could go a few months without.

5. Play more games. Success! 

Earlier this month my friend Kelly and I were able to get some cribbage games in and it was splendid! I also started volunteering at a nursing home and play cribbage with my new friend once a week. This older gentleman has been playing for over 70 years and kicks my butt every time!

August Goals

1. Freezer meal prepping

I am fairly certain I have had this as a goal previously, but it that time again. Jake and I both start grad classes the last week in August and between studying, working and church, life is going to be insane. I spent some time the other night finding some quick, easy recipes to prep and store in the freezer so that all that needs to be done is pull the food out and pop it into the crock pot. All of the groceries are purchased  and this weekend I plan to get it all done!

2. Wake up at 6 am each morning. 

I have been doing well with getting up between 6:30-7:00 am most mornings with the occasional 6 am here and there. Knowing that time is going to be stretched thin soon and knowing that I want to get my workouts in, I need to get up just a little bit earlier to make it all happen.

3. Print off wedding photographs

Jake and I finally have some of our wedding photographs in a beautiful frame in our living room, but I still haven’t made an album. My goal is to find a beautiful wedding album, print off our photographs and put them all inside so that they are not just all digital.

4. Finishing Thank You cards

I have a growing list of thank you cards that have got to get finished this month!

5. Spend quality time with Jake

I look forward to our dates nights together, but want to make an extra effort to spend even more time with Jake this month. We have had a busy summer and with our upcoming school semester, it is only going to busier. I hope to take a mini-road trip at the end of the month and spend more time with just us.

What goals to you have planned for the last month of summer? Anything you have been putting off? 


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